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Top 10 Chinese Noodles

2013-07-22 15:22:53


The first nominated list of “China’s Top 10 Famous Noodles” was released recently by the Ministry of Commerce and China Hotel Association. The 10 noodle dishes on the list are: 武汉热干面 (rè gān miàn, Wuhan‘s Hot Dry Noodles), 北京炸酱面 (zhá jiàng miàn, Beijing’s Zhajiangmian), 山西刀削面 (Dāoxiāomiàn, Shanxi’s knife-cut noodles), 河南萧记烩面 (xiāo jì huì miàn, Henan’s Xiaoji Stewed Noodles), 兰州拉面 (lánzhōu lāmiàn, Lanzhou’s hand pulled noodles), 杭州片儿川 (piàn ér chuān, Hangzhou’s Pian’er Chuan), 昆山奥灶面 (ào zào miàn, Kunshan’s Aozao noodles), 镇江锅盖面 (zhènjiāng guō gài miàn, Chinkiang pot cover noodles), 四川担担面 (dàndàn miàn, Sichuan’s dandanmian), and 吉林延吉冷面 (yánjí lěng miàn, Jilin’s cold noodles).

武汉热干面 rè gān miàn, Wuhan‘s Hot Dry Noodles

Hot dry noodles, also known as reganmian, is a traditional dish of Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province in central China. "Reganmian" has a long history in Chinese food culture for 80 years. It is a typical breakfast food in Wuhan, and is often sold in street carts in residential area.

北京炸酱面 zhá jiàng miàn, Beijing’s Zhajiangmian

Zhajiangmian is a Chinese dish consisting of thick wheat noodles topped with a mixture of ground pork stir-fried with fried sauce, which is salty fermented soybean paste. Mix before eating. It is said that it tastes better with hand pulled noodles.

山西刀削面 Dāoxiāomiàn, Shanxi’s knife-cut noodles

Originally from north China's Shanxi Province, knife-cut noodles are reputed to be one of the five most famous noodles in China,The noodles are cut and cooked to order from a slab of wheat dough.

河南萧记烩面 xiāo jì huì miàn, Henan’s Xiaoji Stewed Noodles

Henan stewed noodles also called Henan braised noodles (huì miàn; "huì" means "braised" and "miàn" means "noodles") are a traditional Henan style of hand-pulled noodles dating back more than 800 years.

兰州拉面 lánzhōu lāmiàn, Lanzhou’s hand pulled noodles

This dish from Lanzhou in northwest China's Gansu Province is known for its colorful presentation of white radish, red chili oil, green coriander leaves and yellow noodles in a clear beef broth.

杭州片儿川 piàn ér chuān, Hangzhou’s Pian’er Chuan

Pian Er Chuan (or : Noodles with Preserved Vegetable, Sliced Pork, and Bamboo Shoots in Soup“) is popular Hangzhou noodle loved from century ago, one of Hangzhou people’s favorites.

昆山奥灶面 ào zào miàn, Kunshan’s Aozao noodles 

On the front door hangs a plaque calligraphically inscribed with “Aozao Restaurant - Time-honored Store in China” by the famous calligrapher and painter Song Wenzhi, reminding you of its 148 years of history that stretches back to the 3rd year of Emperor Xian Feng of the Qing Dynasty (AD 1853).

镇江锅盖面 zhènjiāng guō gài miàn, Chinkiang pot cover noodles

Chinkiang pot cover noodle (pinyin: Zhènjiānguogàimiàn) is one kind of incooked wheaten food, which is known in every household in China.

四川担担面 dàndàn miàn, Sichuan’s dandanmian

Dandan noodles is a noodle dish originating from Chinese Sichuan cuisine. It consists of a spicy sauce containing preserved vegetables, lower enlarged mustard stems, or ya cai, chili oil, Sichuan pepper, minced pork, and scallions served over noodles.

吉林延吉冷面 yánjí lěng miàn, Jilin’s cold noodles

Anyone interested in Korean culture should know something about Yanji. It is a city located in Jilin province, very close to the border with North Korea, so the cold noodles in Yanji are as genuine as you're going to get in China.

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