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Combining fantasy and creativity to reflect pandemic times

Updated: 2020-08-14 09:21:43


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Viktor & Rolf's autumn/winter 2020 collection combines fantasy and creativity reflective of pandemic times

[Photo provided to China Daily]

Dynamic Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf have used the global pandemic, lockdown and social distancing to their unique advantage with an autumn/winter collection called Change, which comprises three wardrobes for three mind sets in these extraordinary times. Being avant-garde trailblazers, the pair has subverted the traditional catwalk by showcasing the collection in a special haute couture presentation.

Each one of the three mini-wardrobes (which range from high art and fine art to fantasy, freak show and spoof) symbolises a different state of mind and features three outfits: a nightgown, a dressing gown and a coat.

A model presents creations from Viktor & Rolf's autumn/winter 2020 collection. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The first wardrobe embodies a sombre mood. A satin nightgown sports intricate lace incrustations with a raincloud motif, a grey chenille dressing gown has an intricate bow and extra-long sleeves, and a majestic coat is clad in animal-friendly faux-leather. Its volume and spiky cone motif impresses and emanates a feeling of socially distanced safety. The look is finished with a face mask accessory.

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