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French photographer captures Beijing street scenes in unusual time

Updated: 2020-02-13 10:38:34

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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A masked person trots past Tian'anmen Gate on Chang'an Avenue on Feb 11, 2020. [Photo by Pierre Alivon/provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

"I'm impressed with all the Chinese who are taking risks for the community – those who continue to work for public transportation, food supply and especially those who work in the hospital environment – so that people can live properly in their cities," the photographer said.

Regarding street photography as the crossroads between reportage photography and humanist photography, the Parisian said his photographic work is a testimony to his life in Beijing. Meanwhile, his work, though personal, "depicts a social reality, testifies to the times," the photographer declared.

On his recent visit home in Paris, the French noted there is a climate of fear now in Europe toward the population of Chinese people who live there.

"I feel very sad about that. In this difficult time, I am a Chinese citizen and I am proud to love China," the French man said.

Yang Xiaoyu contributed to the story.

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