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Argentine scholars send support to Chinese people

Updated: 2020-02-11 15:03:13

( Chinaculture.org )

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Young Argentine scholars and sinologists have sent their support to the Chinese people in the battle against the novel coronavirus in a video message.

"I know that the Chinese government has taken a series of resolute measures to control the development of the epidemic. I hope that the Chinese people can overcome the epidemic soon," said Ignacio Villagran, director of the Argentina-China Study Center at the University of Buenos Aires. He attended the Visiting Program for Young Sinologists in the Northwestern Chinese city of Xi'an in 2017.

Gonzalo Tordini, chairman of the Argentina-China Association of Former Scholarship Recipients (ADEBAC), said, "As international students who studied and lived in China, we feel sympathetic to the difficulties facing the Chinese people caused by the new coronavirus." He added, "We know the strength of the Chinese people, so we believe that the situation will soon return to normal."

Dafne Esteso, vice-chairman of ADEBAC, said the Argentineans and the Chinese have a long and profound friendship. "We always stand by you."

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