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Yurts, blossoms and spring snow

Updated: 2018-04-23 08:14:51

( China Daily )

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Beijing's Pinggu district is celebrated for its "peach blossom sea", which is approaching its peak bloom following a recent springtime snowfall. [PHOTO BY ERIK NILSSON/CHINA DAILY]

Beijing's Pinggu district is about to explode like fireworks with flowers. Erik Nilsson comes for the show but stays for the snow.

"Wow!" my 6-year-old exclaimed as we opened our yurt's door.

"It's amazing!"

It was. And unexpected.

We'd come to see the "sea of peach blossoms".

Instead, we witnessed a winter wonderland-in the spring.

Turns out, we'd arrived a couple of weeks too early for the best blooms. And the snow had arrived a couple of weeks too late for the season-that is, the blizzard blasted down during the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday in early April, a time typically celebrated for the most clement weather.

Still, we were enchanted.

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