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'Easy to get married' style: Trendy or tacky?

Updated: 2018-03-07 08:55:15

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Japanese actress Satomi Ishihara in the 2014 TV drama Heartbroken Chocolatier. [Photo/Screenshot of Heartbroken Chocolatier]

"A woman only wears makeup for those who appreciate her."

There is ancient saying from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) that has been ingrained in Chinese people's minds for generations.

In ancient China, the styles and colors of women's clothes were often connected with men's taste.

Emperors' personal choices largely decided what would be fashionable. If the clothes, makeup or hairstyle of a concubine got special appreciation from an emperor, her style would be a trend that was followed by both the noble and common women.

Sometimes, the makeup and dress styles of popular prostitutes also influenced the nobles and royals.

Nowadays, clothes are more like a way to show the wearer's taste and character.

To a large number of Chinese women who are "working girls" and "working mothers", dressing up for men has become an old story.

However, not all of them think the same way.

Recently, a fashion trend named "easy to get married" style has sparked a series of debates on the internet since November.

Originally from Japan, the style highlights a woman's femininity and purity through liberal use of ice cream colors, faux fur and bow knots. Here are some key features of the "easy to get married" look:

1. It's important to show the shape of the legs and arms.
2. Breasts should be fully hidden to avoid looking vulgar.
3. One's hair is often dyed dark brown as a softer alternative to dull black.
4. Jewelry and other accessories should be fine and small, and never too big or with weird shapes.
5. A lipstick the color of red bean paste, rather than bright red, is a better choice to seal the look.

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