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北美首届冰上龙舟赛 庆祝中国春节与加拿大国庆150周年

Updated: 2017-05-16 16:27:14

( Chinaculture.org )

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2017218日,加拿大渥太Dow's Lake。今年是加拿大政府正式宣布农历正月初一到十五为中国春节的第一年,同时正好也是加拿大国庆150周年。经过中加两国政府的共同努力,专门从中国定制的冰上龙舟在渥太华冰雪节闪亮登场。此次北美冰上龙舟赛共有包括来自加拿大和美国的60支队伍参赛,受到了广泛关注。[摄影:张廷华]

Dragon ice boats get ready to compete in specially-made racing boats from China on Dow's Lake in Ottawa, capital of Canada, on Feb 18, 2017. The event was held to celebrate Chinese New Year and to mark the 150th anniversary of Canada. Sixty teams from the United Staes and Canada competed.  [Photo/Zhang Tinghua]

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