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Art markets with potential

Updated: 2017-11-07 07:23:33

( China Daily )

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The exhibition Xuzhen Supermarket at the Sadie Coles HQ gallery in London. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Sadie Coles HQ, which she opened 20 years ago, will return for the third consecutive time to this premier fair in Shanghai, which will run from Friday to Sunday.

Meanwhile, the gallery will make its debut at Art 021, another major fair in Shanghai, which runs from Thursday to Sunday.

Works by more than one-third of the artists whom the Coles gallery represents will be showcased at the two fairs. Among them there are Swiss-born Urs Fischer, whose works were shown at the West Bund fair, and US painter Ryan Sullivan, whose works are well received at major international art fairs such as Art Basel.

Coles says there will also be artists who are less familiar to the Chinese, including British artist Hilary Lloyd and Brazilian Adriano Costa.

"I always get an injection of energy from the high levels of interest expressed in our artists," says Coles.

"Our primary aim is to foster knowledge about our artists and our programs, and to spark new conversations. Conversations lead to collaborations, projects and sales."

One such project will be the first major solo exhibition in China by US artist Jordan Wolfson, who works with Sadie Coles HQ.

The exhibition, titled Riverboat Song, will be open on Friday at Shanghai's Pond Space.

Wolfson's works will also be featured at Coles' booth at the West Bund fair.

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