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Students across China take center stage at major art festival in Beijing

Updated: 2017-10-11 07:58:02

( China Daily )

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Students from National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts will test their star appeal at the Chinese Art Schools Week. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Xu Chao, the deputy Party secretary from the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, says The Legend of the White Snake is a classic piece by Peking Opera master Cheng Yanqiu (1904-58) and it has been revived by the famous Peking Opera actress Zhang Huoding, who is teaching at the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts.

"Last year, we established a training center led by Zhang Huoding focusing on the Peking Opera techniques of master Cheng. The students under Zhang's guidance will perform The Legend of the White Snake in the upcoming festival," says Xu.

Another one of the five shows is Chao Jin Ding, a classic Peking Opera piece known for its martial arts scenes, adds Xu.

"Some of the martial arts movements of Chao Jin Ding had long been lost and we spent years finding ways to revive them," says Xu.

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