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The Project of Writing on China by Foreigners phase 2 application guide

Updated: 2017-09-13 14:50:20


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In order to better tell the story of China, transmit the voice of China, and bring forth an innovative discourse system in the field of Sino-foreign translation and publishing, CCTSS is launching the Project of Writing on China by Foreigners.

I. Project Achievement of the First Stage

“The Project Collection Guide to the First Stage of the Silk Road Book Project ‘the Project of Writing on China by Foreigners’” has received active responses from all circles of the society home and abroad on its issuing. The secretariat has concluded 72 topics and 121 books (including multilingual versions) in 19 languages written by sinologists, translators, professors, political professionals, full-time writers, publishers, editors, doctors, journalists and sport players from 65 Chinese and overseas institutions and 7 sinologists and writer members, covering the fields of Chinese philosophy, politics, economy, culture, literature, art and so on; and a topic database of the first stage of “the Project of Writing on China by Foreigners” is thus created. We’ve organized experts to read the 72 topics closely and tick the voting card, and selected 38 China-related books with international bestseller and permanent-seller potential which profoundly introduce China and are suitable for publishing overseas. The Project will provide remuneration and publishing subsidy for these books.

II. Application Contents

This project aims to sponsor the writing plan of books which are written on China by foreigners via the invitation of a Chinese domestic publishing institution. “Foreigners” in the project primarily refer to foreign sinologists, writers, media professionals, scholars, and other notable public figures.

III. Application Requirements

1. The books on China that are currently in the process of writing must have a sample draft written in a foreign language (the draft must cover at least 50% of the entire contents of the book), and the books must have a writing outline.

2. The writers must be foreigners who have a keen interest in and a relatively sound knowledge of China and Chinese culture.

3. The books must introduce China from an objective perspective.

4. The book writing projects should be planned and operated by enterprises through market implementation. Once a book has been chosen, it must be published and distributed overseas within two years in the fashion of cooperative publishing, etc.

5. The books sponsored are mainly those written in English or other extensively-used languages.

IV ∙Applicants:

All competitive domestic publishing institutions which are willing to participate in this project.

V. Application Procedures

Starting from the day the guide is released, based on their thorough research and per the application requirements, all institutions select and decide on the writer and topic of their books, fill out the application form and submit all application materials including the application form, a sample book draft, and a writing outline to the Secretariat by November 20, 2017. Late submission will not be accepted.

Address: Room 1126, Zouhelou Building, Beijing Language and Culture University,

15 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District

Beijing 100083

P.R. China

Contact: Song Yuchen

Telephone: 8610-82300038, 8610-82309916

Email: works@cctss.org

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