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List of Delegates of the 2017 Sino-Foreign Literature Translation & Publishing Workshop

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David Hudhri (Albania)

Albanian translator,publisher.David Hudhri is the owner of Minerva Publishing House, which is an imprint of a larger publishing house, called Onufri. Minerva focuses on publishing only nonfiction books, and the first book that it published was a Chinese-Albanian; Albanian-Chinese dictionary. Onufri on the other hand, has published two novels by Mo Yan, five books on Chinese literature, history, culture, wisdom, and one ChineseAlbanian dictionary. Both publishing houses have promoted Chinese authors and literature throughout Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Omar Razzaq (Afghanistan)

Afghanistan translator.Started studying Chinese Language and Literature at Kabul University in 2008, studied Master of Teaching Chinese to speakers of other Languages (MTCSOL) at Beijing Language and Culture University from 2013 to 2015, currently studying doctoral of Linguistics and Applied linguistics in Beijing Normal University.

Works as a professor in Confucius Institute (Chinese Department) at Kabul University, worked as foreign in charge of Confucius Institute, and director of Chinese Department at Kabul University from 2015 to 2016. Member of Huanyu Chinese Learning Center Sharing Session, Correspond of Mandarin Park, Researcher of Chinese International Education and Teaching Research Center. Successfully translated book series of contemporary Chinese Chinese Party, Chins Economy, China Environmental Protection, A Survey of China.

Nora Frisch-Hengstenberg (Austria)

Nora Frisch was born in Vienna, Austria. She did Chinese Studies and Musicology in Vienna, Beijing, Taibei and Heidelberg.

In 2010 DRACHENHAUS VERLAG, a German publishing house, was founded. The publishing house’s objective is to familiarize German readers with Chinese culture. In collaboration with Confucius Institutes and other institutions teaching Chinese, we publish children’s books and books about China’s history and everyday culture. On the other hand, we also aim to bring the culture of German speakers closer to Chinese readers.

Whether it is cookbooks, children’s books or books dealing directly with cultural exchange between Germany and China, Drachenhaus Verlag builds bridges between East and West in order to develop a better understanding and dialogue between the different cultures.

Amira Katz-Goehr (Britain)

Amira Katz-Goehr has studied at the Department of Chinese Studies and the Department of Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She pursued her studies of Chinese Language and Literature at Leiden University, Holland, and at Furen and Shifan Daxue in Taiwan. Since 1990, she teaches courses in Classical Chinese, Modern Chinese literature and translation of Chinese texts into Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Her main interest lies in translation, and she has translated and published a wide range of works from modern, traditional and classical Chinese. Among others, from modern literature: a selection of Lu Xun’s stories, Lao She’s Rickshaw, Shen Congwen’s Border Town and other stories, a Selection of Chinese Contemporary Stories; from traditional literature: a selection of Feng Menglong’s San Yan and a selection of Pu Songling’s, Liaozhai zhiyi. In recent years Ms. Katz-Goehr has worked on and translated the Confucian Analects. She has also published a number of essays and lectured on Confucianism at various conferences in Beijing, and on other subjects of Chinese literature elsewhere.

Ms. Katz-Goehr is currently working in collaboration with Professor Andrew Plaks on a Hebrew version of the Hong Loumeng (Dream of the Red Chamber). The first volume is to be published at the end of 2017 by the Bialik Institute, Jerusalem.

Veselin Karastoychev (Bulgaria)

Sinologist and translator Veselin Karastoychev studied sinology at Sofia University from 1992 to 1998 and Chinese language in Shandong University during 1996-97. Now he is assistant professor in History of Chinese literature at Sofia University.

He translated and compiled A small lexicon of the new Chinese poetry, also translated works like Discussing literature (Cao Pi), Tastes of poetry (Zhong Rong), The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons (Liu Xie), On literature (Lu Ji), novel Book of Shantang (Sun Huifen), novel Mercy (Lu Nei), short stories from Han Dong etc.

Lisa Carducci (Canada)

Born in Montreal from an Italian father and a French Canadian mother, translation became a daily situation in my early life. My father didn’t want me to learn his dialect, which he called “bad Italian”, but he couldn’t teach me “good Italian”. My mother’s French was also a dialect, what I discovered when I attended school and started reading.

Books also offered a variety of languages-inside-the language, and I was attracted by the variety of ways to express the same thing.

I became a linguist -- a phonologist, and my thesis examined how sounds were pronounced in one specific Italian dialect. My 11 “samples” spoke no other language than their dialect; had never lived out of their village; had not received influence from National TV, or from children attending university or working in a city. In 1981, I went to Spain and learned the language in one month.

It is through Linguistics that I was struck by the simple structure of Chinese language: Where French "aller" needs 92 conjugations, verb 去 remains "qu". I then decided to go to China and learn the language while teaching French and Italian. There was a huge need for translators, and I became one.

Andreja HUSEINOVIC (Croatia)

She is the illustrator and the author who has published 12 picture books for children and 2 books for adults. They have been translated and published into more than 10 foreign languages. Andrea Petrlik Huseinovic’ s picture book Maleni has been marked for Top 10 International Books selection within Russian Literary Award ‘The Book of the Year - Children’s Selection 2012' as a part of the international award Children’s Choice. She was awarded for many times, such asCroatian candidate for ALMA – Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2017 and she is Croatian candidate for Hans Christian Andersen Award 2018. I had exhibition in National Library of China, Beijing and Wuhan and China tour in Beijing, Tangshan, etc.

Kašmir HUSEINOVIĆ (Croatia)

To date, he has written about thirty picture books that have been translated to around 15 language. Kašmir has also written four books for children, published 19 Chinese translations.

Together with his wife she is running two publishing houses Kašmir promet and Dje ja knjiga.He is president of Association of Children’s Book Fair and by now he founded and organized 12 Croatian exhibition at Bologna Children’s Book Fair, 8 times Frankfurt Book Fair in Hall 3.0 (Children’s Book), 2 times European Children’s Book Fair in Saarbruecken, Germany and one TIBE 2015. He invited many domestic and international artist to have exhibition and workshops in Croatia during 11 years of Children’s Book Fair in Sibenik whhic he founded in 2007.

Hassanein Fahmy Hussein (Egypt)

An Egyptian translator and Sinologist who was born in Egypt Asyut, Nov. 24th,1979, is currently an associated professor at Al-Alsun Faculty Chinese Department, Ain Shams University. He earned the doctor degree from Beijing language and Culture University in 2008. At present Dr. Hassanein Fahmy Hussein is one of the most influential figures who are playing the significant role in and between the China-Egypt and China-Arabian culture exchanges. Dr. Hassanein Fahmy Hussein is one of the directors of Institute of International Studies of Mo Yan and Lu Xun. He translated more than twenty Chinese works and the most prominent and exceptional works are: Mo Yan’s Red Sorghum and The Crystal Radish, Yu Hua’s Chronicle of a Blood Merchant and Yu Hua Complete Short Stories, Liu Zhenyun’s Cell Phone, Song Xian’s China -Arab Cultural exchanges History and Selected Works of Contemporary Chinese Women Writers.

Mira Ahmed (Egypt)

Mira Ahmed, Egyptian free translator, graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Alsun, Chinese department in 2006, majored in Chinese literature.

She has a great passion for Chinese literature, so she devotes all her efforts to widely introduce Chinese literature and great Chinese writers to the Arab readers. Her translated works (directly translated from Chinese langauge) are short stories A Madman’s Diary of Lu Xun and long story Massage of Bi Feiyu. Besides, she also translated a lot of works of many famous Chinese writers, which were published in the Egyptian and Arab magazines and newspapers. Her Arabic translation of Massage of Bi Feiyu has won the 3rd biggest translation prize of “literature news” in May 2017. Now she is working on the translation of two Chinese literary works.

Jekaterina Koort (Estonia)

Estonian sinologist and lecturer in Chinese studies at Tallinn University. Has translated several texts from classical Chinese and published few academic articles on China. Her PhD thesis focuses on the Song Dynasty landscape art theory. Since June 2017 serves as a director of the Confucius Institute at Tallinn University and has far-reaching plans to release books on Chinese traditional culture, literature and philosophy under the CI.

Pertti Seppälä (Finland)

Sinologist, writer, translator, publisher, bookseller, lecturer. He started to study Chinese language at Helsinki University in 1974. From 1977 to 1978 he studied Chinese language at Beijing Language Institute and from 1978 to 1980 continued his studies at Fudan University in Shanghai concentrating on Modern and Classical Chinese Literature. After returning to Finland he was teaching at Helsinki University as a part time teacher courses on History of Classical Chinese Literature and History of Tang Poetry and Translation.

He has written with a colleague of his, Tauno-Olavi Huotari (1942¬2011), a book of 600 pages called Chinese Civilization. He has witten also a book about Chinese calligraphy which includes an introduction to the history of calligraphy and it’s aesthetics. He has mainly concentrated on translating Chinese poetry, classical and modern, like selected poems of Wang Wei, Hanshan, Bei Dao, Hai Zi etc. Besides he has translated three volumes of Selected Chinese Proverbs and Aphorisms. In addition to these works he has written, translated and directed some 50 one hour radio documentaries and features about Chinese poetry and Chinese culture for the Finnish Broadcasting Company. These documentaries include numerous translations from poets like Meng Haoran, Wei Yingwu, Jia Dao, Wang Wei, Hanshan, Lu You, Shiwu, Guo Moruo, Bing Xin, Dai Wangshu, Bei Dao, Gu Cheng, Duo Duo, Hai Zi etc.

His company, run together with his younger brother, has imported Chinese language books from Beijing for the libraries of Finland and Denmark already for about 20 years.

At the moment he is selecting and translating poems for an anthology of Chinese Eremitic Poetry which will be published in Finnish language in 2018 or 2019.

Geneviève Imbot-Bichet (France)

Geneviève Imbot-Bichet’s translations include Farewell My Concubine by Lilian Lee (1993) and Ruined City by Jia Pingwa (1997). Subsequently, she translates and publishes a large number of works authored by Jia Pingwa, Liu Zhenyun, Fang Fang, Zhou Daxin, Canxue, Qiu Huadong and other Chinese writers. Since 1997, she has held lectures on Chinese literature for 20 consecutive years. Since 2014, she has served as co-publisher of a magazine Promesses Littéraires with Taetea Group from China. At present, she is preparing for a special program of France Télévisions with focus on Chinese writer Jia Pingwa, which will make field visit in Xi’an. Shooting will be carried out in local museums and studios. Besides, she is planning for a literature roundtable dialogue for two Chinese writers and two French writers in Paris.

Eva Schestag (Germany)

Translator, Sinologist. Eva Schestag started to study Classical Chinese and Literary Chinese at the University of Munich in 1982 and then continued her studies at Nanjing University (China), Zürich University (Switzerland), and Chinese Culture University (Taiwan). She now lives as an independent scholar and freelance translator in Frankfurt am Main. With S. Fischer she published in 2009 an Anthology of Classical Chinese Literature in 4 volumes, and in 2017 The Three Kingdoms, the first complete German translation of the historical novel by Luo Guanzhong. Besides her interest in the field of Classical Chinese Studies, she translates legal texts from and into English.

Martin Woesler (Germany)

Martin Woesler was engaged in advanced studies on Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature at Peking University. He holds a Ph.D. degree from Ruhr University of Bochum. He started translation career in 1998. He was Professor of University of Halle-Wittenberg (2004-2007), Professor of Munich University of Applied Languages (SDI München) (2007- 2014) and Associate Professor of Utah Valley University (2011-2013). In 2014, he served as President, Professor, Dean and Doctorate Supervisor of Ph.D. Candidate Program of Humanities Institute of Rome. He takes such post as Head of Contemporary Chinese Literature Translation Group for German-speaking Countries in German Translators’ Association, Council Member of Deutsche China-Gesellschaft, Member of European Association for Chinese Studies, President of European Dream of the Red Chamber Society, Lifetime Member of Association for Asian American Studies and Vice President of World Association for Chinese Studies. His translations include The History of the Chinese Essay (Volume 1-3), My Essays are My ‘Longing for Freedom’ Wang Meng as Essayist in the Period 1948-1992, Dream of the Red Chamber (co-translation) and God Knows China (co-translation).

Wolfgang Kubin (Germany)

Wolfgang Kubin is a winner of the 2nd Special Book Award of China. He is Member of German Writers Association and Member of German Translators and Interpreters Association. He won the German national highest-grade translation award. In 1945, he was born in Celle City, Lower Saxony, Germany. He is currently a professor of Chinese study at University of Bonn and senior professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Research areas mainly include Chinese Classical Literature, Modern and Contemporary Literature and Chinese Ideology. He rolls out plentiful monographs and translations. He published Chinesisches Volkes der Sicht der Natur (1990) and Forschung über Unterschiedlich (1997). He is also editor of two important German journals on sinology and Asian studies, i.e., ORIENTIERUNGEN: Zeitschrift zur Kultur Asiens and Minima sinica: Zeitschrift zum chinesischen Geist. The main monographs and translations include Nachrichten von der Hauptstadt der Sonne: moderne chinesische Lyrik, Geschichte der chinesischen Literatur im 20. Jahrhundert and Aus dem Garten der Wildnis: Studien zu Lu Xun (Volume 1-6).

Yu Erika (Erika Barta) (Hungary)

Erika Barta (Erika Yu, born in 1973 at Eger, Hungary), now lives in Budapest. Sinologist, interpreter, literary translator. She well-trained in Chinese language on Beijing Language and Culture University, as well as on Beijing Normal University. In 2001, she graduated at the ELTE (Eötvös Lóránd University) in Budapest on faculty of Chinese Language. So far, she translated works of Chinese authors Yu Qiuyu, Bai Xianyong, Yu Zemin, Mo Yan, Luowu Laqie, and selected poems of Jidi Majia: I, Snow Leopard into Hungarian language. This conference is a great opportunity for her to introduce herself abroad.

SUPARTO (Indonesia)

Head of Pustaka Internasional. Graduate from Beijing Language and Culture University, at 2012 China, and graduate from Maranatha University, Electrical Engineering major, in Bandung 1998. Currently works at a Chinese lecturer and translator. He has completed Lulus New HSK Grammar, Chinese Character etc learning and reference Chinese-Indonesian books, also translated 25 books related to Chinese Sinology, Art of War, 36 Startegy of war, the analects of Confusius etc.

Lombardi Rosa (Italy)

Doctor of modern and contemporary Chinese literature, master of Sinology of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Associate professor of the Third University of Rome, Asian cultural exchange representative. Research field: modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Chinese literature translation, literature translation thought in China of the 20th century, modern realistic literature, fantasy novels, urban fiction, modern and contemporary poetry.She has published a number of papers on modern and contemporary Chinese literature in Italy, China, Europe and the United States, and has translated many literary works of Mo Yan, Su Tong, Wang Shuo, etc.


Silvia Pozzi is Full-time Associate Professor of Chinese and Southeast Asian Languages and Cultures and Deputy Director of Confucius Classroom at University of Milano-Bicocca. She took charge of Section of Teaching and Discipline, Confucius Institute at Universita' degli studi di Milano. Since 1999, she has been a freelance interpreter and translator. Up to now, she has translated the Chinese works by many contemporary Chinese writers (Tie Ning, Yu Hua, Lin Bai, Chen Ran, Han Han, A Yi, Ning Ken, Lu Nei, Qiu Miaojin, etc.) into Italian. From 2014 onwards, she has served as Editing Co-Director of Caratteri (Italian version of Pathlight) together with Qiu Huadong, Xu Kun, Li Donghua and Patrizia Liberati, which is presented by People’s Literature magazine.

Elham Sadat Mirzania (Iran)

Majoring in Modern Chinese Literature, Elham Sadat Mirzania graduated from Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University. She is now Member of the Iranian-Chinese Friendship Association and Member of Academic Committee of Allameh Tabataba’i University. Since 2014, she has been a faculty member in Department of Chinese Language, Allameh Tabataba’i University. Her translations and publications include Persian version of Art and Archeology of Iran in the First Millennium BC and Chinese Contemporary Culture. She has edited Persian version of Persian Textbook, Chinese Paradise, General Knowledge of Chinese Geography, General Knowledge of Chinese History and General Knowledge of Chinese Culture.


Mr. Yaacov Levi (Chinese 李雅各), born in Jerusalem 1976, is a ChineseHebrew translator and editor. Mr. Levi studied Chinese Linguistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Peking University and has worked as a Chinese language teacher at the University of Haifa in Israel. He has translated Mo Yan's novel Frogs (《蛙》), and several other short stories from Chinese to Hebrew. Mr. Levi currently works on the translation of other Chinese novels and also serves as the chief editor of the Chinese-Hebrew dictionary, to be published by the Hebrew University Magnes Press.

Hishinuma Yoshiaki (Japan)

Hishinuma Yoshiaki is a translator dedicated to translation of modern Chinese dramas and modern literatures. He was former Director of Japanese P.E.N. Club, and now Director of General Affairs Office of Japanese-Chinese Drama Performance Exchange · Dramatist Society and Director of Japan Center for International Theater. He won Yuasa Yoshiko Award (exclusively granted to outstanding translators in the field of foreign literature and drama translation). His translations include novels by Mo Yan and Deng Youmei, dramas by Guo Shixing, Meng Bing and other Chinese dramatists, traditional Chinese opera Peony Pavilion, etc.

HONDA Yuki (Japan)

A freelance Chinese-Japanese translator, with expertise in literature translation and subtitle of TV drama and cinema. She developed her skills at a Chinese Language Program for International Students in Beijing, after working as an editor for a academic publisher in Japan. Her notable works on literature translation includes Save Breast, Summer’s Disire, and Step by Startling Step.


Dr Jennifer Akinyi Ngala has a PhD degree in linguistics from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Her main area of specialization is phonology. In addition she has a post doctoral training in experimental phonetics from Addis Ababa University. She is also interested in carrying out research in multilingual matters, language documentation, teaching pronunciation and publishing. She is a holder of a research grant from Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) to document the Okiek language of Kenya and another from the University of Nairobi to conduct research on testimonies concerning women’s education situation in Kenya within the frame work of Critical Discourse Analysis. She needs to publish the papers and books from these researches. This workshop is very useful to her.

Rasheed MOHAMED (Maldives)

Mr. Mohamed Rasheed is the founder of China- Maldivian Cultural Association (CMCA), a non-governmental organization that seeks to promote cultural understanding toward everlasting friendship between People's Republic of China and the Maldives.His work in World Health Organization and the United Nations has taken him to work locally and regionally in Geneva, Bangladesh, Indonesia, East Timor, Nepal, New Delhi, Fiji, and Manila.From 2008 to 2012, Mr. Rasheed held the portfolio of Minister of Economic Development in the Maldives. He became the Maldivian Ambassador to China from 2012 to 2014.

Adriana Martínez González (Mexico)

Young Mexican Chinese to Spanish translator of contemporary mainland Chinese literature. Her translations include: Ye Duo Duo The daily life of the lahu women of Lancang; Bi Feiyu Falling in love; Nick Yu Rongjun The eighth day of the week, Awkwardness; Chen Xu Hong That beautiful pair of blue vases. She is co-author of the app Express yourself: 200 idiomatic Mexican expressions with their Chinese equivalent. Since 2012 she has participated in a dozen symposia on the subjects of Chinese literary translation and teaching of Chinese as a foreign language.

Kaung Min (Myanmar)

Kuang Min is a Burmese translator. He is committed to the translation of Chinese literature, and has made positive contributions to promoting Chinese literature among Burmese readers. Main translation books include Analects of Confucius, Besieged City (original author: Qian Zhongshu), Frog (original author: Mo Yan), etc. In 2015, he won Youth Achievement Award of Special Book Award of China. Analects of Confucius, Besieged City (original author: Qian Zhongshu), Frog (original author: Mo Yan) are major Chinese-Burmese translations. His Burmese translation Life and Death are Wearing Me Out (original author: Mo Yan) will be published.

He is winner of Myanmar National Literature Award for Translation (2008) and Youth Achievement Award of Special Book Award of China (2015).


Misbah Rashid is Assistant professor of Chinese language at the National University of Modern Languages Islamabad, Pakistan. She studied Chinese at the Beijing Language Institute (now BLCU) from 1977 to 1981 and studied Chinese at Peking University from 1988 to 1990. Since then, has been busy teaching Chinese in Pakistan and promoting Chinese language. Especially the establishment of the Confucius Institute at the National University of Modern Languages Pakistan is in her credit. She has published many articles and books, including The CRUX of Homophones in Chinese Language & Recommended Solutions (article), Comparative study of Chinese - English and Urdu Measure words and its teaching methods, Business Chinese (basic), - تايتوص ينيچChinese Phonetics (Urdu), Co-translated into Chinese a book End of India . She is dealing with a wide range of topics, her next books are The Radicals of the Chinese Language, The Mystery of Chinese Script (Urdu), Analects of Confucius translation into Urdu Language.

Patricia Marina·CASTRO OBANDO (Peru)

A lecturer in Spanish at Peking University, a writer for the Peruvian business newspaper. Published in June 2013, the secret road: 18 Chinese stories, the same heart of Peru.She was a reporter of the Peruvian business daily in Beijing and the host and translator of the Spanish channel of CCTV.

Marcin JACOBY (Poland)

Between 2002-2008, I worked at the National Museum in Warsaw (researcher and caretaker of the Chinese Art Collection), and between 2008-2017 at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (organiser of Polish cultural events in Asia on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Head of the Asian Programme at the Institute). In my earlier professional career I also worked as professional translator and interpreter from English and Chinese, I still serve as the official examiner for sworn translators at the Ministry of Justice of Poland. As present I work as Director for International Relations at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, also teaching at the Centre for East Asian Civilisations of the University.

Ionela Voicu (Romania)

Chinese and French young translator, living in Bucharest. Ionela Voicu started to learn Chinese language since 2004, she studied at Bucharest University, Beijing Language and Culture University and Yunnan University from 2004 to 2009. She studied French - Chinese language translation and interpretation at Beijing Language and Culture University from 2011 to 2014, and she currently works in translation and interpretation. She translated in Romanian language Wives and Concubines by Su Tong, Bronze and Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan, Biography of Xi Zhongxun.

Luminita Rodica Balan (Romania)

Luminita Rodica Balan is Foreign Director of Confucius Institute and Professor of Chinese at Department of Oriental Languages, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest. She mainly instructs Modern Chinese Grammar, Chinese Culture, Translation, Evolution of Chinese Characters and other courses.

In honor of her translation of Mo Yan’s short novel in the late 2016, she is nominated for the Best Translation Award of Romanian Writers Association. Her translations include Hsun Tzu, Chuang-tzu, Song of Garlic Stalks in Tiantang County and The Republic of Wine. In 2017, she is going to publish a translated work Chronicle of a Blood Merchant.

Svetlana Anikeeva (Russia)

Russian publisher. Graduated in 1976 from the St. Petersburg State University (Faculty of Asian and African Studies, Department of Chinese Philology) and completed Ph.D. in Philology in 1990.

Since 1999 Anikeeva has been the head of the academic publishing house “Vostochnaya Literatura” (“Oriental Literature”) of the Russian Science Press. She is a participant of many international conferences and symposia on the problems of Oriental Studies and Sinology, a member of editorial boards of multivolume editions and scientific journals. With her direct participation, a number of fundamental publications have been edited and published, including the Encyclopedia Spiritual Culture of China (6 volumes), History of China from ancient times to the beginning of the 21st century (10 volumes). She is an expert in the selection of literary and scientific works for translation from Chinese into Russian, and she has many contacts with Chinese publishers.

Awards: Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation, many certificates of recognition and awards by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Federal Agency of Press of Russia and others. In 2006 the General Administration of Press and Publication of China granted the “Special Book Award of China”.

Mladen VESKOVIC (Serbia)

More than decade I'm working in Ministry of Culture and Media as adviser in charge for Serbian Translation Grant Program, international promotion of Serbian literature and international cooperation in the fields of literature, language, translation and publishing. I was member of the Board of International Book Fair in Belgrade, the most important book fair in the region of South-East Europe.I am active literature crititic. I've published so far four books: three books of literature critics and essays on Serbian literature (2003, 2008. and 2013.) and An Anthology of Serbian War Story Epithaphy of War (2014). I was editor of first Serbian edition of famous drama Thunderstorm by Cao Yu (2003). I was collaborator on publucation of The Short History of China by Deng Yinke (2014) and edition The Chinese Culture.

Eva Ekeroth (Sweden)

Publisher, translator, writer. Founder of Chin Lit, a publishing house dedicated to bringing forward interesting Chinese contemporary fiction and children’s literature to Swedish readers since 2015. She is also a translator of Chinese literature as well as proofreader to cultivate young translators. Ms Ekeroth is the former cultural counsellor of Sweden to China, placed at the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing. Previous to that, she worked as the head of culture & PR at the Consulate General of Sweden to Shanghai.

Khaled ELHAJ AHMED (Tunisia)

Chinese language and literature teacher in higher insitute of languages of Tunis - University of Carthage.


Oleksandr Goncharenko is Foreign Director of Confucius Institute and Lecturer of Chinese Language and Chinese Culture of Language School, Kyiv National Linguistic University. His translations include Economic and Trade Terminology Development, Chinese-Ukrainian Dictionary, Translation of Exotic Words and Economic and Trade Terms, Chinese and Foreign Cultural Exchange, New Practical Chinese Course Book.

Lai Jingping (USA)

Lai Jingping was originally a diplomat for the United States of Americ, having served in U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), U.S. Consulate General Toronto (Canada), and U.S. Embassy Hanoi (Vietnam). During his six years with the U.S. State Department, he won numerous governmental awards, including a prestigious ‘Superior Honor Award’ for his work in Toronto. In December of 2015, Jingping Lai quit his job with the U.S. government to focus completely on Jingping Lai’s representative work is his translation of Coiling Dragon ( 盘龙), which launched the entire webnovel craze. In his capacity as CEO and founder of Wuxiaworld, he has been interviewed by numerous media organizations both local and world-wide, including the China Daily, People’s Daily, Southern Metropolis, Chengdu Business Newspaper, and many more.

Marjolijn KAISER (USA)

Marjolijn Kaiser is China Project Editor at Berkshire Publishing Group. SAt Berkshire, she works on China-focused academic and educational publications, including a multi-volume biographical dictionary and reference works on education, literature and art, and internet in China. She also developed educational materials for Berkshire`s online educational platform ChinaConnectU, and she is currently completing a bilingual textbook with 40 Chinese proverbs. Upcoming publications include a translation of Yuan Mei´s famous culinary treaty Suiyuan Shidan, and a five-volume encyclopedia about Chinese cuisines. Recently, Berkshire embarked on a cooperation with the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, localizing and distributing their content for the English-language market.

Rachel L Christensen (USA)

From 2009-2017, she has been the digital content editor of Berkshire Publishing Group. She participated in developing educational websites including ChinaConnectU. com in WordPress CMS, managing and working with IT developer on project management databases and CRM, coordinating development, production and marketing of educational books including This is China (March 2010), This Is America (June 2014), and Big History, Small World (2017).

Robert E. Baensch (USA)

Robert E. Baensch is president of the Baensch International Group Ltd. with special focus on international publishing, start-up and turnaround management. He has served eleven years as the Associate Professor of Publishing and former director of New York University’s Center for Publishing. On September 4, 2007, the Chinese Institute of Publishing Science, China Academy for Press and Publications, awarded Robert E. Baensch an Academic and Research Fellowship. On September 10, 2011, the China State Administration of Foreign Affairs awarded Mr. Baensch the "Friendship Award" for outstanding service to the China publishing industry. On August 25, 2015, the State Administration for Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television awarded Mr. Baensch the 9th Special Book Award for fifteen years of developing and presenting management training seminars for the Chinese publishing industry. Mr. Baensch is the editor of the book The Publishing Industry in China and the Editor for the Publishing Research Quarterly journal.

Norbert Molina Medina (Venezuela)

Venezolano. Historiador. Candidato a Doctor en Estudios Políticos por la Universidad de Los Andes (ULA), Mérida - Venezuela. Profesor Asistente a Dedicación Exclusiva en el área afroasiática, Departamento de Historia Universal de la Escuela de Historia. Investigador del Centro de Estudios de África, Asia y Diásporas Latinoamericanas y Caribeñas “José Manuel Briceño Monzillo” (CEAA). Editor Asociado de Humania del Sur. Revista de Estudios Latinoamericanos, Africanos y Asiáticos, adscrita al CEAA. Autor devarios estudios relacionados con la historia de Asia contemporánea y de las relaciones diplomáticas de Venezuela con los países afroasiáticos. Actualmente, desarrolla su investigación de tesis doctoral: Historia de las relaciones diplomáticas Venezuela – China (1943-2013).


Mr Karlvin Yan (Nhan Vi Quang) earned his masters in master of teaching chinese to speakers of ortherlanguage at the Fujian Normal University in 2015 and following the study of the Linguistics and Applied Linguistics program as a PhD Candidate at Guangdong Guangzhou Jinan University from 2016. In addition to Chinese Researchingand Teaching, He also translated Chinese culture books and writing books of Chinese examination guides as "Passing the new HSK 3 in three weeks", "Chinese Common Sentence and Structure". He is currently the Ph.d student of Jinan University.


Mr To Phuong Cuong earned his masters in modern Chinese Literature at the Shandong Normal University in 2006 and his Phd in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Beijing Language and Culture University in 2014. Since earning his doctorate, he’s been engaged in planning, translation, and editing Chinese cultural books examination guides, writing skills books and other learning reference materials including The New HSK 3&4 Examination Guide, The New HSK 5&6 Examination Guide and Passing the new HSK 3 in three weeks, Chinese Common Sentence and Structure, and Chinese Grammar. He is currently the Department Head of Chinese translation and language theory at the University of Ho chi Minh City.

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