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Special Guests of the 2017 Sino-Foreign Literature Translation & Publishing Workshop

Updated: 2017-08-17 15:41:07

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Ding Xiaoping (Writer, Special guest)

Ding Xiaoping, born in 1971, is a member of China Writers Association, and Editor and Deputy Director of Editorial Department under Kunlun Press of People’s Liberation Army Publishing Press. Due to her high level of proficiency in gestating and editing military novels and nonfiction, Mrs. Ding has been named as the Outstanding Editor by PLA Publishing Press for two years in a row. She has been dedicated to creating crossover of literary, historical and academic writing. Her poems, lyrics, proses, novels, reportage and literary criticism, with more than 4 million words in total, have been published on over 300 newspapers around the world.


Gu Wenjie (representative of publishing agencies)

Public Policy and Government Affairs Director of Amazon China


Guo Baoliang (Scholar, Special guest)

Guo Baoliang, born in 1961, is from Xingtai, Hebei Province. He is a professor, deputy dean, postgraduate tutor, and academic leader at the School of Literature of Hebei Normal University. He is the director of Chinese Association of Contemporary Literature, director of Chinese Fiction Institution, deputy director of Fiction Art Committee of Hebei Writers’ Association, special researcher of the Theoretical Research Office, and part-time professor at Ocean University of China. He has published “Style research on Wang Meng’s Fiction”, “Life and History Going Clear—Fiction world of Liu Zhenyun”, and “Fiction of the New Era from the Perspective of Cultural Poetics”. He has chaired a national social sciences foundation project, and participated in multiple provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects.


Liu Yehua (representative of publishing agencies)

Director of the International Publishing Center of China Renmin University Press


Meng Chao (representative of publishing agencies)

Vice president of China Renmin University Press


Meng Chen (representative of publishing agencies)

Business Development Director of Amazon (U.S.)


Na Yang (Scholar, Special Guest)

Deputy Director of the Second Comprehensive Division of the Creation Research Department of Chinese Writers’ Association


Wang Lin (Representative of publishing agencies)

Director of”Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture”Division, FLTRP


Wang Wei (Representative of publishing agencies)

Product Manager Language Service Center Multi-language Publishing, FLTRP


Xiao Liyuan (Representative of publishing agencies)

Deputy Editor-in-chief of People's Literature Publishing House


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