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List of Organizations of the 2017 Sino-Foreign Literature Translation & Publishing Workshop

Updated: 2017-08-17 15:41:07

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The Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China

The Ministry of Culture of the People’ s Republic of China, as part of China’ s State Council administrative bodies, shoulders the responsibility of promoting China’ s cultural and artistic undertakings, public cultural services, cultural research, cultural industries, cultural market, intangible and tangible cultural heritage, and enhancing cultural relations between China and the world, including intellectual exchange, artistic exchange, cultural communication and cultural trade, and the establishment of cultural cooperation and exchange platforms. The Ministry of Culture of China is responsible for dispatching cultural diplomats to over 100 cultural sections and offices in Chinese Embassies and Consulates abroad, and has established 25 China Cultural Centers across the world. It is also patron to many brand-name intellectual, cultural, artistic and public exchange programs such as the China Cultural Year, Happy Chinese New Year celebrations, bilateral and regional high-level dialogues and visiting programs for artists, cultural dignitaries, sinologists, translators and so forth.


State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China

State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (“SAPPRFT” for short) is directly under the State Council. SAPPRFT is responsible for facilitating the prosperity and development of press, publication, radio, film, and television. SAPPRFT is in charge of all business relevant to film and entertainment, including drafting laws and regulations on press and publication, radio, film, television, information, and online audio and visual program service, policies and guidelines on publicity and creation, guiding public opinion and creation orientation, planning industrial development, introducing, including, and managing programs, and supervising activity publicity and communication.


China Writers Association

China Writers Association (CWA) is a professional public group voluntarily formed by Chinese writers of all ethnic groups. It is a key social force that drives the literary enterprise and intensifies the ideological and cultural construction of socialism. The main tasks of the association comprise: organising literary critique awards; conducting literary theory research; organising and launching literature evaluation and literature critique; uncovering and cultivating new forces in literature creation, evaluation, compilation and translation among all ethnic groups; promote literature exchange between China and the world; and representing Chinese writers to participate in international literary events.


China Publishing Group Corporation

China Publishing Group Corporation (CPG) is the most influential trade and professional publishing group in China. CPG is a large-scale professional publishing group whose business covers print and digital publishing, copyright transactions, and book import and export with publication as its core business. Under its umbrella are numerous prestigious publishing companies and wholesalers such as the Commercial Press with a history of 118 years, Zhonghua Book Company with a history of 104 years, Sanlian Publishing Company with a history of 84 years as well as the People’s Literature Publishing House, the People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, the People’s Music Publishing House, China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC), all with a history of over 60 years.


China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation

CNPIEC is a large state-owned culture enterprise founded in 1949, the same year as the founding of the People’s Republic of China. In April 2002 it was incorporated into China PublishingGroup Corporationas a member company. CNPIEC has always adhered to serving social economic construction and promoting Chinese culture “going global” through introducing international advanced technological and cultural achievement as our goal. It has formed its industrial structure pattern in fields of import of publications, export of publications, domestic and overseas exhibitions, overseas publishing, overseas outlets and other international operations, CNPIEC has become the largest and most competitive import and export enterprise of the Chinese publishing industry with 44 branches at home and abroad.


China Publications Expo International (International Expo Center of China Publishing Group Corporation)

As one of the main business units of China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation, China Publications Expo International (Expo Center), established in February of 2009, is the first professional organization specialized in international exhibition business in Chinese publishing industry. Headquartered in Beijing, the Expo Center is dedicated to develop the exhibition business in field of domestic publishing industry and to build the largest platform for international cultural exchange and international exhibition business with the commitment to promoting international culture exchange and expanding Chinese book copyright export.The key business of the Expo Center includes organising the largest annual international book fair in China: the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF).


CNPIEC International Publishing Department

As part of the going-out driving force in CNPIEC, International Publishing Department offers the services of international publications, rights cooperation, translation resources, industry information, business training, etc. We work with over 2000 publishers and more than 200 translators globally. By now 500 copyright agreements have been reached, covering over 20 languages. Also, we represent best-selling authors in China, such as Mo Yan, Yu Hua, A Cheng, Lin Bai, and Chi Zijian. With our help, some language rights of their works were sold to countries in Europe, “One Belt One Road” regions, as well as North and South America.


Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Support

Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Support Network(Chinese and foreign Sinologists, translators and foreign talent database cum Chinese and foreign literature translation platform) is a national integrated digital service platform in translation established to serve the key projects such as Translation of Chinese Contemporary Works under the guidance of the leaders from the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and organized by the External Cultural Relations Office, Ministry of Culture. The Project includes four databases and one platform, namely: a membership database of Chinese and foreign Sinologists, translators and writers (personal database), a membership database of Chinese and foreign companies and organizations engaged in culture, film and television publishing and translation (institutional database), and an information dynamic database of Chinese and foreign literary translation projects (information database), a specialized language database of Chinese and foreign literature multilingual translation (language database), and a platform of Chinese and foreign literature online translation and project promotion (working platform). Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Support is committed to building the largest comprehensive public service platform for cultural exports in China, and to establishing China’s first brand of literary translation web service.


Beijing Language and Culture University

Beijing Language and Culture University, referred to as BLCU, is an institution of higher learning directly under the Ministry of Education, and was founded in 1962. It is China’s only international university offering Chinese language and culture education to foreign students as its main task, and is known as a “mini United Nations”; the University has become an academic center and a cradle of senior personnel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals in China by providing professional education on foreign language, Chinese language, information science and finance to Chinese students while undertaking the tasks of training Chinese teachers an foreign language training of personnel going abroad.


Publishing Agencies:

People’s Literature Publishing House

People’s Literature Publishing House, currently a member of China Publishing Group Corporation, is China’s first and the largest professional publishing institution specializing in literature. Founded i n 1951, PLPH has published a vast number of quality literary works, from all time classics to the lates t titles, by domestic writers and translated from other languages. PLPH enjoys a great amount of exc lusive publishing resources, a high reputation among readers and was awarded many times with na tional literary and publishing prizes. Along with regular editing and production departments, it has an imprint, Daylight Publishing, specializing in children’s books, and five magazines and journals, whic h are: Contemporary, New Literary History, Selection of Chinese Literary, Chinese Learner’s Comp anion and Cool Writing. Together they form a full functional publishing institution. Since the turn of the new century, PLPH has published over a thousand titles each year, sharing an d trading outstanding literary works in a global platform. It has established good business relationsh ips with many institutions and copyright agencies from overseas. Main titles such as Border Town, The Ancient Ship, English and The Invisibility Cloak have been translated into English, French, Germ an, Russian and other languages; while the works of overseas literary masters such as Shakespear e, Balzac, Victor Hugo, Tolstoy, Kafka, and Virginia Woolf, and international bestsellers such as the Harry Potter series, Dan Brown’s series, and Stephen King’s thrillers are all introduced to Chines e readers by PLPH.


China Renmin University Press

China Renmin University Press (hereafter as “CRUP”) was founded in 1955. As the first university-based publisher of the People’s Republic of China, it has obtained a high reputation for excellence as a publisher of college textbooks and academic works in China. Depending on comprehensive strength and the latest research achievement of China Renmin University, CRUP has contributed to promotion of Chinese culture in the international arena. Currently, CRUP publishes over 3,000 kinds of books annually and the annual sales of the Press reaches more than 145 million U.S. dollars. By keeping innovation in mind and with the aim of fostering core competitiveness, CRUP strives to distinguish itself China’s publishing industry, developing itself into a large-size comprehensive publishing group providing books, audio and video products, electronic and internet services and digital publications. CRUP has established itself as a leading organization in communication and cooperation with foreign publishers. As a matter of fact, it has sold more than 1,600 book copyrights to foreign publishers, 80% of which are the latest academic achievements of teachers and research institutions of China Renmin University. So far, there have been more than 200 titles, whose copyright have been sold, published in foreign countries. Besides, CRUP has cooperated with domestic and overseas universities on more than 220 articulation publishing programs. In terms of this achievement, the press is sincerely exploring opportunities for more cooperation with international counterparts.


Phoenix Publishing and Media Group (PPMG)

Phoenix Publishing and Media Group (PPMG) is China’s largest all-round publishing group. Engaged in the fields of publishing, printing, distribution and logistics, film and television, hotels, cultural real estate, financial investment, artwork management, and cultural trade. The group was selected as “a leader in the national cultural system reform” in 2012. It has been among China’s Top 30 Cultural Enterprises for nine consecutive years, and ranked 6th among the World’s Top 50 Publishers in 2015 according to The Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry. So far, PPMG has set up cooperation relationships with well-known publishing organizations from more than 30 countries and regions in the world, and opened overseas branches in UK, US, Canada, Chile, Australia and Singapore. It is PPMG’s objective to develop into a leading innovative cultural company, a strategic investor in the national cultural industry and a giant in the global publishing industry.


Rongbaozhai Publishing House

Established in 1672, Rongbaozhai enjoys a history of more than 300 years and takes “making friends by literature and achieving progress for good reputation” as its philosophical value. It operates as a comprehensive cultural enterprise in painting and calligraphy, painting tools, wood-block printing, binding and mounting, collecting, publishing, exhibitions, auction, pawn, art education, training, and printing. Over the years since its establishment, Rongbaozhai has grown into a well-known platform for trading Chinese paintings and calligraphy artworks and offering artistic services. It is a model for uncompromising integrity, a spiritual oasis for artists and art lovers to gather together and communicate, as well as a garden for the inheritance of Chinese civilizations and an emissary of communication between Chinese and foreign cultures.


Encyclopedia of China Publishing House

Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, short as ECPH, was founded in 1978 to compile the first encyclopedia of modern China--- Encyclopedia of China (the most recent edition is the second, and the on-going third edition is designed as an online encyclopedia for the production, distribution and communication of common knowledge). Now it has grown into one of the largest publishing enterprises in China with product lines of encyclopedias, reference books, academic readings, popular science readings for readers of different age levels. ECPH is capable of producing various professional books, education books, public readings and trans-media and multimedia publications. More than 180 titles have received China’s important awards including Chinese Government Award for Publication, Chinese Best Publications Award, National Book Award and National Award for Dictionaries. ECPH has always attached great importance on cooperation and communication with over-seas publishers.


China Translation & Publishing House (CTPH)

China Translation & Publishing House Co. Ltd. (CTPH) is the publishing sector of the former China Translation & Publishing Corporation (CTPC), which was established as a state-level translation and publishing institution in 1973 with approval from the State Council and subsequently affiliated to the State Administration of Publication, General Administration of Press and Publication(GAPP) and China Publishing Group (CPG) successively. Through over 40 years of development, it had established translation and publication as its two major business segments which were officially separated into two parallel corporations: CTPH and China Translation Corporation (CTC) in March 2015, aiming at their respective professional development. In October 2015, CPG International Media Corporation Ltd. (IMC), a subsidiary of CPG specializing in international business, was integrated into CTPH.


China Written Works Copyright Society (CWWCS)

Who we are

The sole copyright collective management organization (CMO) in written works in China

The sole collecting society for textbook and newspaper/journal royalty

The leading copyright solutions provider and active literary rights agency

What we do

Obtain rights authorization from rights holders

Provide rights licensing to users (publisher, e-book/audiobook platform, drama producer, theater, film studio, cultural company…)

Collect royalty and distribute it to rights holders on a regular basis

Execute cross-border translation and publication programs

By working with us, you can:

Sell your copyright to China’s user and receive royalty

Purchase the copyright of Chinese work you plan to use

Receive permission to use massive or individual written works

Our resources

Database of 70k Chinese creators (author, poet, translator, playwriter, etc.)

Long-term partnership with Chinese reputable publishers

Latest information of China’s publishing industry

Experience in executing inter-government translation program - China-Russia Literature Translation and Publication Program (CRLTPP)

Support from National Copyright Administration of China

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