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Healthy eating lifestyle trending among Chinese youngsters

Updated: 2017-08-13 15:31:06

( CGTN.com )

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Light and good-looking dishes in Mai Fresh, a newly-opened healthy food cafe inside a traditional Hutong of Beijing.[Photo/CGTN]

Still obsessed with China's many, diverse cuisines? That may not be the case for Chinese youngsters anymore, as healthy eating has become the norm for them. Following the trend, an increasing number of light food restaurants have created a buzz in many Chinese cities.

Yan Qi is a white-collar worker living in Beijing. She feeds herself light food like salads and sandwiches almost six days a week. She believes this is an integral part of her healthy lifestyle.

"In the beginning, I tried light food to stay healthy and lose weight. Even though the taste is not as rich as traditional Chinese cuisines, I do feel light dishes are easier on the body. The light food also matches well with my exercising and helps me to have a more regular routine," Yan Qi spoke highly of eating light food.

In line with her healthy eating habits, Yan goes to the gym about 3 times a week to keep fit. She usually exchange ideas with people working out in her gym about the healthy recipes and recommendations of good light food restaurants.

“Usually people who work out regularly pay close attention to their diet so as to maximize the effect of their exercising, " Yan said.

Nowadays, more light food restaurants have grabbed young people’s attention around China, especially in the first and second-tier cities.

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