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“Automobile@City@People” ---series of Special Exhibition

Time: January to December 2017

Add: 2F, Beijing Auto Museum

Brief Introduction: The exhibitions are not confined only to automobiles, while from the perspective of automobiles to review history, technology, humanism, change of urban and social progress, to advocate harmony and beauty among the relationship of “people-automobile-life-society”. People and cities are joined by automobiles as carrier. Through the contents of people, automobiles and etiquette in Beijing, the exhibitions mainly show that to see the development of mobile technology and civilization, the evolution of urban from nothing and society, and the change of human life style from the angle view of automobile, history and people. As a result, it advocates the audience to pay attention to the contribution of Chinese ancient mobile civilization to the world and think about the living environment; and also helps audience to connect the transportation mode of the time and people’s real life. On the basis of summarizing historical context of Beijing urban and real life, the exhibitions reasonably conceive the ideal urban development and the possibility for change of traveling mode. They also lively tell the stories of automobiles and people that happened in Beijing and lead audience to easily understand the exhibition by cartoons.

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