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Great Wall inspection findings released

Updated: 2016-12-15 16:40:09

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Great Wall protection has improved, but more needs to be done, say the results of a State Administration of Cultural Heritage inspection released on Monday.

The administration's survey examined the implementation of national regulations to preserve the Wall that took effect in 2006.

Five teams undertook spot checks of 104 sections of the Wall in 15 provincial-level jurisdictions. Beijing and Gansu province earned the highest scores with over 90 out of 100 points. Tianjin municipality, and Henan and Liaoning provinces ranked among the lowest with fewer than 70.

The survey found a Great Wall-protection management system has started to take shape with 4,650 conservation officers and 485 administrative organizations.

Over 80 percent of the ancient bulwark's sections enjoy provincial- and national-level rankings as key cultural-protection units.

But the survey found a lack of guidance and regulation of tourism development.

Over half of the 92 sections of the Wall that are open to tourists aren't registered as provincial-level cultural relics.

There's also inadequate funding for conservation officers, whose expenses are paid by county governments, some of which don't have the money.

Only about 18,000 sections — roughly 43 percent — of Great Wall are listed as key-protection areas where urban construction should be controlled.

The inspection also discovered a lack of clarity about management responsibilities in sections on areas near the borders of cities and provinces.

The SACH plans to reinspect low-scoring sites next year.

Wang Yiran contributed to the story.

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