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No abortion is without damage

Updated: 2016-01-15 10:11:13

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What happened to them?

From the above typical cases, it is easy to see that a series of specific symptoms are closely related to abortion. Intrauterine adhesions and fallopian tube obstruction seriously affect the reproductive function of women.

In Mrs. Li, through transvaginal ultrasonography, intrauterine adhesions(IUA)are highly suspected , as the the endometrium is very thin. Hysteroscopy examination showed moderate to severe intrauterine adhesion. The diagnosis is clear , IUA. She needs to have a TCRA (Transcervical Resection Of Adhesions) operation as soon as possible.

In Mrs. Wang, hysterosalpingography(HSG) showed that she had two blocked fallopian tubes. The couple followed the doctor's advice to accept artificial reproductive technology.

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