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No abortion is without damage

Updated: 2016-01-15 10:11:13

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In China, the official data show that each year there are 8-10 million cases of abortion. And many people consider abortion as a method of contraception, especially after the painless abortion carried out. Some people think that it is convenient and can solve the problem in a few minutes. However, later, when a woman’s has physical problems or she fails to have a baby, maybe she will realize that these are all related to abortion. To make everyone clearly realize the dangers of abortion, I would like to present following two typical cases.

Case one: Mrs. Li, 23 years old. Her chief complaint is “menstrual quantity reduced by one year”. Her menstruation was very regular before, with medium menstrual quantity. One year ago, she had an abortion and postoperative menstrual quantity was significantly reduced to one-third. She claimed that she had even seen a doctor and had many kinds of examinations and treatments, but, the condition of the reduced menstrual quantity is still not improved.

Case two: Mrs. Wang, 34 years old. Her chief complaint is “suffers from recurrent abdominal pain for two years, fails to have a baby after one year”. She had no significant medical history before. Two years ago, she had an abortion because of her busy job and no family planning. Two weeks after the operation, she felt abdominal pain, which was diagnosed as female pelvic inflammatory disease. After anti-inflammatory treatment, the abdominal pain was greatly relieved but it reocurred. She failed to have a baby after one year of trying.

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