Inner Mongolia: Futuristic landscape drumming with tradition
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Inner Mongolia: Futuristic landscape drumming with tradition

Updated: 2015-07-03 14:04:25

( By Andrew Ancheta )

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China Daily editor Andrew Ancheta speaks to local media. [Photo/]

This is as good a place as any to admit a slight bias. Throughout the trip, Ministry outdid itself to lavishly wine and dine its guests (in that order). But by all accounts the pot-sweetening was unnecessary; everyone I spoke with shared their admiration for Inner Mongolia's culture as we left.

"I was especially excited by the music." said Mark Levine, a singer-cum-university professor living in Beijing. "For me it was the highlight of the trip."

"I would like the governments of all levels to accept my admiration and compliments," said Sukh-Erdene Dugersuren, representing the country of (Outer) Mongolia, at our final meeting with the local government "What we have seen during these three days, the preserved culture, is most genuine."

Their admiration was echoed over and over again by the visitors, representing China's friends and partners in Africa, Asia and Europe, who promised to do their best to build cultural contacts with China and Inner Mongolia.

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