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Miao people's intricate headdresses

Updated: 2014-12-02 10:58:28

( Chinaculture.org )

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In a village of the Miao people, one of the largest ethnic minorities in Southwest China, parents will make a costume for a girl who has just learned to walk. A silversmith will forge a special headdress and set of accessories. Miao headdress is said to carry a 1,000 year history and keeps developing as time passes by.

Miao head accessories  include a silver horn, silver fan, silver cap, silver kerchief, silver fluttering headwear, silver hairpin, silver pin, silver decorative flower, silver network chain, silver comb, silver earring, and silver bonnet ornament, to exemplify the Miao girl’s unique beauty.

A child wears a silver headdress at Xiangfen village, Rongshui Miao autonomous county, Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Oct 26. [Photo by Tan Kaixing/asianewsphoto.com]

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