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See you in the 24 hours bookstore at night!

Updated: 2014-11-28 17:07:40

( peopledaily.com.cn )

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The 24 hours bookstore. (Photo/Xinhua)

24-hour bookstore is a new phenomenon, springing up in various cities throughout China, and becoming fashionable and artistic dating places for young people.

According to the results of a poll covering 2042 people, 48 percent of interviewees live in cities with 24-hour bookstores. 83 percent are interested, and 20 percent certain, to do regular reading in such stores.

Chen Yan works in Beijing Longfu hospital and enjoys reading in a 24-hour bookstore. Sanlian bookstore is the first in Beijing. People can relax in the evening here and reduce the stress of their fast-paced lives.

Dong Wanbao, a graduate of the BFA (Beijing Film Academy), always stays late in the 24-hour bookstore. "People tend to buy books on the Internet with a specific purposes. I can find more pleasure in picking out my favorites from a wide selection. I take great pleasure in leafing through the pages. I go to the bookstore and come back by bike, without needing to worry about missing a bus."

Dong Yixuan, who works in the advertising industry, often arranges a date with her boyfriend in the Sanlian bookstore. The couple can also visit the theatre and coffee shop. They both see the store as an artistic dating place.

What are the most attractive features of a 24-hour bookstore?

62 percent speak highly of its warm and clean environment, 54 percent like the extensive range of books. Others enjoy features such as free late-night reading, cheaper prices, better service, and the chance to find a date.

Fang Hongxing, a professor from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, thinks that the 24-hour bookstore is more of a cultural phenomenon than a commercial gimmick. It responds to the lifestyle needs of young people and stimulates reading enthusiasm and creativity. There is comfort to be found in the world of books.

The article is edited and translated from《文艺又时尚 82.6%受访者愿意去24小时书店》, source: Youth.cn.

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