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Let's Go to China: Fascinated by a Monkey King


The Monkey King gave rise to Chinese animation and has made a great contribution to its development. A cartoon on The Journey to the West sent by his fans made Kevin, who loves monkeys, eager to embark on a journey into Chinese animation to find different images of the Monkey King. From shadow puppet animation to claymation, how can Chinese animation film studios create such innovations? How much fun and novelty can be revealed in contemporary works? Kevin followed the Monkey King on his journey. He found that in animation his heroes not only are Superman and Batman, or Gundam, but also the Monkey King and Ne Zha, which have incorporated abundant aspects of Chinese style and culture. Kevin was also fascinated by the efforts of Chinese anime workers. He also decided, with the help of his new friends, to make a Chinese animated film about the Monkey King and himself.

Wuju opera performance


A reception to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ASEAN-China relations was held at the ASEAN-China Center in Beijing on Sept 17.Four children were selected by the Yiwu Convergence Media Art Center as culture communicators for the reception. They gave a Wu opera performance to demonstrate the local culture.

Martial arts dance - Shaolin kung fu


This program presents the wonderful picture of dancers entering the world of murals and competing with monks, and shows the rich culture of Shaolin kung fu.

Animated film Gold Beak launches trailer


Chinese animated film Gold Beak officially released its trailer recently. The film is expected to hit the screens on October 1.

'Fu Yuanzi': Short animated film inspired by sweet dumplings


The sweet dumplings known as fu yuanzi are a traditional Chinese snack which also provided delicious inspiration for a short video titled Fu Yuanzi.

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