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China to open cultural center in Senegal

2015-01-05 14:37:41

According to a memorandum of understanding signed between China and Senegal, a China Cultural Center will be set up in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal.

National museum's 2015 calendar

2015-01-04 13:58:10

The National Museum of China will hold several important exhibitions to pay tribute to such noted Chinese artists such as Huang Junbi, Jao Tsung-I and Pan He.

Mascot for the Year of the Sheep goes public

2015-01-04 14:30:55

As part of "Happy Chinese New Year" 2015 cultural fairs, the mascot for the Year of the Sheep was unveiled. The mascot's design is based on traditional paper-cut art and delivers the joy and good wishes for the Chinese New Year.

Foreigners can get free tickets to visit Confucius hometown

2014-12-28 09:31:44

Foreigners who can recite five famous quotes of Confucius will be given free tours to his birthplace, according to a new policy by China's Qufu city aimed at promoting the wisdom of the ancient philosopher.

How to make Chinese traditional festivals more attractive

2014-12-25 16:27:45

People felt a strong and happy festive atmosphere in Beijing on Dec 24, and the Christmas Eve turned out to be another carnival for youths and kids just like the Halloween not long ago.

Yearender: 10 cultural exchanges between China and world in 2014

2014-12-31 13:23:57

The year 2014 witnessed frequent cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. The exchanges led to many exhibitions, both at home and abroad, which showcased the cultural relics and art treasures of the human civilization.

Culture Insider: New Year vacation in ancient China

2015-01-01 10:20:59

The holiday is important for working people who have worked strenuously for a whole year. What was the Spring Festival vacation like in ancient China? Let us take a look.

Beauties from ancient paintings come alive

2014-12-08 13:27:33

The Palace Museum has posted a series of flash animations of ancient beauties, which is based on the famous Qing Dynasty painting Twelve Beauties collected by the museum.

Yuanmingyuan beast heads on show in Shandong

2014-12-31 11:01:56

The heads of four beasts of the Yuanmingyuan (Old Summer Palace) – an ox, tiger, monkey and pig - are on display at the Shandong Museum in Jinan.

Ming ancient tower destroyed by fire in Dali

2015-01-04 14:41:31

Fire burned Gongchen tower, a 600-year-old structure, in an ancient city in Weishan county, Dali prefecture, Yunnan province, to the ground on Jan 3, 2015. By 4:48 am, the flames that engulfed the 300 square meters of the tower were put out.

China appoints Luo Shugang as new minister of culture

2014-12-29 09:01:19

China's top legislature on Sunday appointed Luo Shugang as minister of culture.

China sees museums grow to 4,165

2014-12-29 11:37:41

The number of museums registered in China has reached 4,165, which doubled in the past 10 years, according to new figures revealed on Dec 25.

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