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Top 10 Chinese characters of the year in Malaysia unveiled

2014-11-17 11:08:39

The top 10 Chinese characters of the year in Malaysia have been unveiled as the first phase of the Malaysia Annual Selection of Chinese Characters came to an end on Nov 14.

APEC gifts on sale

2014-11-15 17:38:08

Replicas of gifts given by China to APEC economic leaders went on sale on 14th Nov.

Mo Yan moved to tears by adapted TV series of his novel

2014-10-28 13:03:17

The adapted TV series from the renowned writer Mo Yan's novel, Red Sorghum, was first broadcast on Chinese televisions on Monday evening, bringing the writer to tears after watching a segment.

Palace Museum needs to design landmark souvenirs

2014-10-24 15:01:35

Beaded earphones, imperial robe T-shirts and sword stationery - these are just a few of the latest and “fashionable” merchandise offered by the Palace Museum.

Sculpture of Mo Yan sparks controversy

2014-10-16 15:15:37

A sculpture of Chinese writer Mo Yan shown in an exhibition in Shanghai sparks debate, with some saying it's "cute" while more saying it's uglifying the Nobel Prize laureate.

Real challenge is beyond ice buckets

2014-08-28 14:27:23

The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken China's entertainment and executive worlds by storm after making its debut more than a week ago.

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