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Ding porcelain making technique boom in Hebei

2014-12-29 15:49:27

The Ding porcelain firing technique, which had disappeared for 800 years, is now back in use. Ding porcelain is one of the pillar industries of Quyang county, Hebei province.

Maoling to be renovated

2014-12-30 13:44:03

Maoling is the tomb of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. It is also the biggest one of all the emperors' tombs from the Western Han Dynasty.

Sichuan intangible cultural heritage on show in Beijing

2014-12-30 10:53:52

An exhibition of Sichuan intangible cultural heritage kicked off in Beijing on Dec 29.

Festival lanterns embrace New Year's Day in E China

2014-12-29 13:16:04

A large-scale lantern show for the New Year's Day attracted a large number of visitors at Universal Dinosaur Town in Changzhou city of East China's Jiangsu province on the evening of Dec 27, 2014.

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