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120th Anniversary of Mei Lanfang

2014-10-23 18:17:31



October 22 this year marks the 120th birthday of Mei Lanfang (1894-1961), one of the most famous Peking opera artists in modern history, who established the Mei School of Peking Opera. He had made prominent contribution to the improvement and popularization of Chinese Peking Opera. Let's have a close look at Mei Lanfang's artistic life and Chinese national opera - Peking Opera. 

Born in an opera actor's family in Beijing, Mei Lanfang began to learn opera performing at eight. At the age of twenty, he became famous in Beijing and Shanghai. As an outstanding Peking Opera representative serving as a link between the past and the future, Mei Lanfang was brave in conducting reforms and innovations in numerous areas such as music, dressing, performance and dance. 

Furthermore, Mei Lanfang created the "Mei School" art of Peking Opera with unique performing mode and aria by assimilating the performance of Qingyi (a female role), Huadan (a vivacious young woman), Daomadan (a female warrior role) and other roles.
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Exhibition celebrates Peking Opera legend Mei Lanfang

A special exhibition dedicated to Mei was held on Oct 18 at Beijing's Mei Lanfang theater, one of many events to mark the anniversary. That legacy flowed throughout the exhibition, including some practical demonstrations of clay mask painting.

Peking Opera performance in US popularizes Chinese art

The contemporary artistic descendants of China's Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang staged a gala performance at Kennedy Center in Washington Wednesday evening, bringing the audience closer to the ancient Chinese opera art.

Legendary Peking Opera troupe performs in Washington D.C.

Chinese artists from Beijing Peking Opera Troupe and Mei Lanfang Peking Opera Troupe staged excerpts from five operas based on classic plays of the Mei Performing School.

New York audience marvel at Peking Opera show

The performance in New York's Lincoln Center inaugurated Jingju Theater Company's U.S. tour marking the 120th anniversary of Chinese theater mogul Mei Lanfang.

Peking Opera staged to commemorate 120th anniversary of Mei Lanfang

Mei's son Mei Baojiu and members of the Jingju Theater Company of Beijing presented The Classic Plays of the Mei School, including five operas: The Goddess of Heaven Scatters Flowers, Lian Jinfeng Pierce the Mussel, Resisting Jin Troops, Farewell My Concubine and Drunken Beauty.

Interview with Peking Opera master

Mei Lanfang's son discusses
father's impact on Peking Opera

   Produced by Liu Fang, Wen Yi and Liu Xuanyi



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