Paris hosts the 9th Chinese Film Festival

The 9th Festival Du Cinema Chinois De Paris is being held in Paris from Nov 4 to 18.

Chinese relics exhibition

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Francois Hollande have written a preface for Chinese cultural relics exhibition.

Horse-dragon and spider to 'battle' in Beijing

A 47-ton giant robotic horse and a 37-ton mechanical spider were previewed in Beijing's Olympic Park on Oct 15.

Cultural Events

AV@AR 3.0– The art of French new media

The exhibition presents works from strongly semi-immersive approaches.

The Writers' Cruise

A group of French writers will embark on a literary and human adventure on the Yangtze River .

Tea and Wine

A dialogue between France and China set-up by means of 2 symbols that represent the art of living and conviviality.

The 4th Chinese Film Festival in France

The 4th annual Chinese Film Festival in France opened at the Gaumont Cinema on the Champs-Elysees.

Capturing the eternal and fleeting

Glass is the perfect medium to illustrate the flow of time, French artist Antoine Leperlier believes.

Xu Beihong, A Master and his Masters

Sixty Chinese masterpieces are paired with as many French paintings.

Institutions & Enterprises

French Culture Center in Beijing

Designed to display the essence of French culture, the Beijing French Culture Center opened to the public in a bid to provide Chinese with the panoramic culture of the country.

Bilateral Relations

January 27, 1964 China and France establish diplomatic relations. June 6, 1964 China's first ambassador to France presents his credential to French President Charles de Gaulle. September 11-17, 1973 President Georges Pompidou is the first French president to visit China. May 12-18, 1975 Chinese Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping visits France. January 19-24, 1978 China and France sign their first scientific cooperation agreement in China. October 15-21, 1980 China and France sign an agreement to establish consulates in Shanghai and Marseille. November 7-12, 1987 Chinese President Li Xiannian visits France, the first time for a Chinese president. September 8-14, 1994 President Jiang Zemin pays a visit to France during the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations. November 29, 2002 China sets up a cultural center in Paris. April 25-26, 2003 French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin visits China. October 6, 2003 It is the first time that the Chinese Culture Year has gone abroad. 2003 Trade volume between China and France hit $13.39 billion. January 24, 2004 The Eiffel Tower is bathed in red light as Chinese New Year festivities kicked off in Paris. January 26-29, 2004 Chinese President Hu Jintao pays a three-day visit to France. October, 2004 The French Culture Year is launched in China. November 25-27, 2007 French President Nicolas Sarkozy visits China for the first time after taking office in May. 2009 China is France's No. 1 trading partner in Asia. April 25-26, 2013 French President Francois Hollande visits China after he is elected President in May 2012.

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