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Two volumes of the Yongle Encyclopedia found in Los Angeles

2014-11-28 14:04
A manuscript copy of the Yongle Encyclopedia during the reign of Jiajing Emperor (1522-1566) was found in Hungtington Library in Los Angeles.

Essential historical document of Diaoyu Islands appears at auction

2014-11-27 14:35
The Map of Ryukyuan Kingdom, a picture from the book Illustrated Outline of the Three Countries written by Hayashi Shihei in 1785,will be for sale at the 2014 autumn auction of China Bookstore from Nov 28 to 29.

The Palace Museum signs a letter of intent for cooperation With American Alliance of Museums

2014-11-27 14:56
The Palace Museum signed a letter of intent for cooperation with the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) in Xiamen, Fujian province on Nov 23, with a commitment to cooperation on talent cultivation and resource sharing.

108 dream fish swim into China Academy of Arts

2014-11-27 14:44
The public arts activity of Dream Fish drawing exhibition, undertaken by China Academy of Arts (CAA), opened in Hangzhou on Nov 26.

Digital Palace Museum to be built in 2015

2014-11-27 14:18
The Palace Museum will construct a digital museum in 2015 and complete it by 2016. It aims to guide people to visit the museum on mobile phones and other smart devices.

Chinese art collector buys royal Thangka for 348m HKD

2014-11-27 10:34
Chinese private art collector Liu Yiqian has bought a highly important imperial embroidered silk Thangka for 348 million HK dollars (nearly $45 million) at Christie's 2014 Hong Kong Autumn Auctions on Wednesday.

'Xi Jinping: The Governance of China' promotes at Melbourne bookstore

2014-11-26 17:48
Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Australia for the G20 Summit, has become the catalyst for the launch of a number of books providing an insight into China.

Beijing to select designs for the Year of the Sheep

2014-11-26 16:45
As the Year of the Sheep is around the corner, a Shengxiao, or Chinese zodiac, design contest for the Year of the Sheep was launched on Nov 19.

Celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the China Cultural Center in Thailand

2014-11-26 16:39

The China Cultural Center in Bangkok held an event to celebrate its 2nd anniversary on Nov 21. Ning Fukui, Chinese ambassador to Thailand and Wissanu KreaNgam, deputy premier of Thailand, attended the ceremony.

Artistic performance opens Taoist forum

2014-11-26 13:15
A big Taoist-themed artistic performance opened the Third International Taoist Forum held at the foot of Longhu Mountain, Yingtan, Jiangxi Province on Nov. 25, 2014.

First contact with the world

2014-11-26 10:23
As earthlings broadcast signals to other planets in hopes of contacting extraterrestrial life, Chinese science-fiction writer Liu Cixin has made first contact with the English-speaking world with his Three-Body trilogy—and the response has been positive.

Superstition means fewer babies in Year of the Sheep

2014-11-26 10:02
With the Year of the Sheep approaching in no less than three months, maternity hospitals throughout China are overwhelmed with pregnant women having their babies born in the Year of the Horse.
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