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China, Arab culture ministers gather in Beijing

2014-09-11 15:08:35

( By Wen Yi


Chinese Minister of Culture Cai Wu gives a keynote speech at the forum of culture ministers from China and the Arab world, at the National Museum of China in Beijing on Sept 10, 2014. [Photo by Wen Yi/]

There is a famous saying in the Quran "Seeking knowledge, even as far as China". And the great ancient Chinese thinker Confucius once said: "Studying alone without friends results in a shallow and narrow mind". For thousands of years, the two great civilizations of Arab and Chinese developed through constant exchanges.

One of the exchanges between the two recently was the forum of culture ministers from China and the Arab world, held at the National Museum of China in Beijing on Sept 10, 2014.

Chinese Minister of Culture Cai Wu and 19 heads of government cultural delegations and representatives of the Arab League attended the event, where they reached consensus on further expanding Sino-Arab cultural exchanges and cooperation and passed the Beijing Declaration of Sino-Arab Culture Ministers Forum. The forum also witnessed China's signing of state cultural cooperation plans with five countries such as Jordan and Tunisia.

According to Cai, the historic Silk Road promoted the Sino-Arab exchanges in trade, people and culture. Arab legislation, mathematics and medicine have exerted crucial influence on Chinese civilization. The Arabian Nights is known to every household in China, while four great inventions of ancient China passed to Europe through Arab regions.

On the Chinese-Arab recent cultural exchange, Cai made positive comments on its stable development. He said the Chinese Ministry of Culture will continue to carry out eight brand programs. "In the next 10 years, we will organize exchange visits of 10,000 artists from China and Arab countries, promote and support cooperation between 200 cultural institutions from China and Arab countries, and invite 500 cultural and artistic talents from Arab countries for research and study in China. The Sino-Arab cultural exchange has a bright prospect" Cai said.

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