Changxindian Cultural and Creative Industrial Park

Updated: 2014-04-23 17:20

Industry: Cultural and creative industry

Project nature: Upgrading reconstruction

Project location: Dahuichang village, Changxindian county

The project is located in Changxindian Calcium Carbide Factory in Dahuichang village, Changxindian county. It neighbors the 6th ring road and National Forest Park in Beigong and has convenient transportation.The current calcium carbide factory covers 250 mu of area (16.6ha) with plant construction area of 30,000 square meters. The enlarged construction area will be 50,000 square meters.

Project positioning: Changxindian Calcium Carbide Factory will be turned into tour land, according to industrial development policies that the three high industries (industries with high energy consumption, high material consumption and high pollution) should be abandoned. The current factory plant will be renovated into a cluster area of industrial resources, such as cultural, tourism and design and could spearhead cultural developments of western Fengtai district.


Changxindian Cultural and Creative Industrial Park

Changxindian Cultural and Creative Industrial Park

Changxindian Cultural and Creative Industrial Park

Analysis of return on investment

The enterprise plans to invest 50 million out of its equity fund for upgrades. The rate of return on investment is estimated to be 10%.

Conditions for construction Relevant planning documents: "The plan by Ministry of Culture to double the cultural industry’s volume during the twelfth ‘Five-Year’ period"; "The development plan for the cultural and creative industry in Beijing during twelfth 'Five-Year’ period"; "The plan for the industrial development and spatial arrangement in Fengtai during twelfth ‘Five-Year’ period", "The plan for overall social and economic development of Changxindian county, Fengtai district".

Construction conditions: The current calcium carbide factory covers 250mu of area (16.6ha). The plant construction area covers 30,000 square meters with ready water and electricity supply. The land is used for the mining and industry sectors.


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