A bite of Beijing at Novotel

Beijing –an ancient city with long gourmet culture history.  Beijing Traditional Food Festival is underway at the Square restaurant in Novotel Beijing Peace. The guest could enjoy old Beijing style and review the history by tasting delicious homemade flavor of this ancient city.

Water Basin Mutton

Water basin mutton uses mutton and prepared soup as its main material. Other secondary materials include vermicelli, garlic sprouts, and coriander. In Shaanxi Province, people are most likely to eat the dish with baked buns or hard flour pancakes.

Beijing's best outdoor bars

Last year's surprise hutong hit, Great Leap Brewing, burst out from nowhere with its fabulous micro-brewed beers, capturing our hearts and tastebuds, as well as the attention of other, less sexy media outlets, such as US news show Rock Center.

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