Forum examining domestic cultural programs held in Beijing

While imported TV shows are gaining an increasing foothold in the Chinese market, many domestic programs introducing Chinese culture are just managing to survive.

China opens second international cultural trade base

On Aug 25, the National Base for International Cultural Trade (Beijing) was officially opened at Beijing Capital Airport’s Tianzhu Free Trade Zone, which is the second such base in China.

Beijing International Book Fair to open

The 21st Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) will run at the new China International Exhibition Center in Beijing's Shunyi district from August 27-31, 2014.

'Super moon' seen in Beijing

A full moon is seen in the sky over Beijing, capital of China, July 12, 2014. The scientific term for the phenomenon is perigee moon, but it is also known as a "super moon".

Mud football world cup held in Beijing

The 2014 mud football world cup is held in Beijing, which attracts 300 competitors. The champion team may have the chance to participate in the finals in Britain.

Top international luxury brand Expo opens in Beijing

Photo shows objects displayed at the Top international luxury brand Expo in Beijing on July 4 2014.

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