The 8 Great Yanjing Sights

The Eight Great Sights of Yanjing have been known since the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234). Yanjing (Chinese: 燕京) is and has been an informal name for Beijing, a reference to the ancient State of Yan that existed here during the Zhou Dynasty (about 1100-256 B.C.). The Eight Great Sights of Yanjing are places of historic interest and scenic beauty in and around the capital of China.

Golden lotus blossom at Saihanba Forest Park

Tourists take photos at the Hongsongwa National Natural Reserve on July 6, 2014 in Saihanba Forest Park in Heibei Weichang Manzu Mongolia Autonomous County.

Picturesque scenery of Bashang Prairie

Photo shows the amazing spring scenery of Bashang Prairie, located in northwest Hebei province.

Wang Shuo: Hutong is like a forest