327 traditional villages to receive financial support

327 traditional villages, including Liu Liqu Village in Beijing, are among the first batch in 2014 to receive financial support from the central government.

Teenagers to involve more cultural exchanges

The Office of External Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Beijing Municipal Commission of Education signed a strategic agreement to encourage teenagers to be involved in cultural exchanges.

Cai Wu: National Endowment for the Arts should spend wisely

December 30, 2013, the National Endowment for the Arts was established in China caused widespread concern in the art world. Who can declare

Promoting Chinese movies going abroad

The agreement was signed by the two ministries after consultations occurred over aims to implement the Central Committee’s overall requirements on promoting Chinese culture abroad and increasing national cultural soft power.

Boost for cultural industry

Too much influence from administrative power harms the nation's arts and cultural activities, Cai Wu, the minister of culture, was quoted in a new book as saying.

China releases new int’l cultural trade regulation

According to Xinhua News Agency, a new regulation designed to promote China’s international cultural trade was recently released by the government. The regulation focuses on four areas including finance, taxation and administration wherein the government will help support Chinese companies to expand their international market shares.

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Wang Shuo: Hutong is like a forest