Carnival @ Laoshe Teahouse (video)

Updated: 2013-06-05 10:55


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Who says people go to teahouse only for tea? When the Spring Festival is coming closer, Laoshe Teahouse is offering you some festival specials. For the record though, sugar and pastry can not only keep your mouth watering, but also your hands busy.

A doughy tiger…well…is definitely not made for your stomach, unless you want to color your tongue. Keeping it as a lucky chart for the Year of Tiger is a better idea.

This one…is neither edible obviously. Just be careful not to break it. It’s Egg-shell Art.

What about these little sugar-coated figurines then? I bet they taste great, but you might want to make one yourself. However, they may be too beautiful to be eaten. Don’t you think so?

Oh, did I just say there are also something offered to ease the hunger? Here goes the dumpling, though you will have to make it yourself first.

The Cuban boy really can make some dumplings! And he wanted to challenge me! Okay then, it’s my turn.

Now who is the dumpling making expat?

Well, maybe I should stop bragging and learn from a real master.

Who else wants to compete?

Aside from all the lovely treasures, edible or not, you can also try on these costumes, and enjoy the performances accompanied by tea and tasty snacks.

So, are you still wondering where to go for the Spring Festival holiday? Wish you a happy Chinese New Year!


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