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Spring Festival Carnival MORE
·Lantern Festival Celebrations Around China(2010-02-25)
·Dazzling City Lights up the Night(2010-02-25)
·Millions Expected at Various Lantern Festival Celebrations(2010-02-24)
·Fire Dragon Dance in East China(2010-02-24)
·Crowded Locals Taste Spring Festival Delicacies(2010-02-23)
·Special Spring Festival Activity in S China(2010-02-23)
Overseas Celebrations MORE
·Evening Gala to Celebrate Lantern Festival in UAE(2010-02-24)
·Nets Hold Evening of Chinese Culture to Celebrate Spring Festival(2010-02-23)
·Grand Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations Held in London(2010-02-22)
·Festive atmosphere prevails in Bangkok Chinatown in Chinese New Year(2010-02-15)
·Spring Festival celebration in Kenya(2010-02-15)
·Chinese Spring Festival, global celebrations(2010-02-15)
Exhibitions MORE
·Lantern Show held in Inner Mongolia to Celebrate the Coming Lantern Festival(2010-02-25)
·Chinese Mainland, Taiwan Hold 1st Joint Lantern Fair in Nanjing(2010-02-21)
·Paintings by Farmers Exhibited in C China's Henan(2010-02-12)
·The Lantern Landscape Shines in Nanjing(2010-02-10)
·Temple Fair: Old Chinese Tradition During Spring Festival(2010-02-10)
·Spring Festival Lantern Fair to Open in Shandong(2010-02-09)
Performances MORE
·Best of Peking Opera at Forbidden City(2010-02-09)
·Locals Enjoy Gan Opera in Jiangxi(2010-02-02)
·Chinese New Year Concert(2010-01-29)
·New Year's Greeting Peking Opera: Sprinkling Water in front of the Horse(2010-01-29)
·New Year's Greeting Peking Opera: Divergence/Dragon and Phoenix(2010-01-29)
·New Year Greetings Peking Opera: Prime Minister Hunchback Liu I(2010-01-29)
Delicacies MORE
·Rice Glue Balls(2010-02-08)
·Main dishes in the Spring Festival(2005-01-24)
·New Year's First Meal(2005-01-24)
·Southern Chinese: Enjoy the tea; Enjoy the New Year(2005-01-24)
·Spring Festival and Wine(2005-01-24)
·Sticky Tanggua(2005-01-24)

New Year Customs

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