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Edible Treasures, Sweet Blessings!

Daoxiangcun in Chinese means a rice smelled village, it was established in 1895. Here you can find more than 400 kinds of foods, including Chinese and western cakes, cooked meat products, deep-frozen foods, snacks and traditional festival foods.

Jing Ba Jian which means eight treasures of Beijing snacks, is a box of cakes with 8 different flavors and 8 unique shapes. It's a best choice to bring to your family as a festival present.

Bi Guocai, Chairman of Beijing Daoxiangcun Foodstuff Co., Ltd. told China Daily, "In the earliest days, the Eight Treasures of Beijing were only for royalty. Each of the eight treasures gives out a certain kind of blessings, for higher position, for wealth and for happiness. "

Daoxiangcun brand now has over 100 shops around Beijing. It wouldn’t be hard of you to find one.

Video: Xu Yang

Script: Huan CAO

Editor: Feng Hui



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