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New Year Greetings Peking Opera: Prime Minister Hunchback Liu I

Presenter: Peking Opera House of Beijing

Lead Cast: Chen Shaoyun, Dong Yuanyuan, Ma Zengshou, Zhang Huifang, Du Zhenjie, Wang Rongrong, Meng Guanglu, Zhu Qiang, etc.

Venue: Theatre

Dates: Jan. 29, 2010 19:30

Price: VIP 400 300 200 100 80 RMB

Programme Introduction

Prime Minister Hunchback Liu is a notable Peking Opera staged by the Peking Opera House of Beijing. With Lin Zhaohua as the director in chief, it is alternately directed by such Chinese renowned directors as Tian Qinxin, Li Liuyi and Wei Xiaoping every year. The opera presents the legendary life of the widely-known talented scholar Hunchback Liu in the Qing Dynasty, depicting how he weathered adversities in official circles, pled for the common people and engaged in battle of wits with Emperor Qianlong, Courtier He Shen, etc. Featured by beautiful aria, running jokes and plentiful suspense, it portrays an image of a wise man by comedy from the perspective of folk tradition. Its stage design is also a full demonstration of the glamour in the aesthetics of traditional Chinese opera. The opera has created a sensation in the opera circle and gained popularity among the audience, making it a most acclaimed Peking Opera.

Chapter I Debut Emperor Qianlong attempted the daughter of the Sixth Grand Prince to become his concubine. However, the princess hated to be restrained by rules and manners in the royal court. As a master of chess playing, she intended to take the initiative by selecting her husband through chess playing in the chess court. Liu Yong (Hunchback Liu), who arrived in Beijing for the Imperial Examination (The feudal society of china employed the Imperial Examination System to select officials from intellectuals), ran into the chess court and won the game. But then he was driven into a dilemma by Emperor Qianlong, traveling in disguise, who argued for another game. In the Imperial Examination, Courtier He Shen pulled strings behind the scenes so that Liu Yong failed. But He Shen's conspiracy was exposed by Liu Yong. He Shen tried hard to drive Liu Yong to a dead end. Eventually, when Liu Yong succeeded in passing the exam and was holding the wedding ceremony, Emperor Qianlong and Courtier He Shen showed up without notice. What would become of Liu Yong?

Cast Liu Yong Chen Shaoyun Emperor Qianlong Li Yan Princess Dong Yuanyuan He Shen Luo Changde Sixth Grand Prince Ma Zengshou Yin Hong Zhang Huifang Ye Guotai Liu Jianyuan Zhang Cheng Huang Boxue

Editor: Feng Hui


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