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Tiger, a Cultural Totem MORE
Tiger in folk art
The tiger is a popular theme in chinese folk art.One may encounter numerous images of tigers in almost all forms of folk art:paper-cuts, embroidery,sculpture, new year prints and others.

Tiger in Chinese Culture
Tiger is a very special animal in Chinese Culture. The pattern on the forehead of a tiger is very similar to the Chinese character which means "king", so Chinese people believe that tiger must be the natural-born king.

Chinese Paper Cut-Five Venoms and Tiger
This Chinese Paper Cut showing the beliefs of the Chinese on protecting their child from evil spirits. Children are made to wear tiger-themed hats and shoes. The tiger is believed to be able to drive off demons.

Chinese Tiger pillows
Tiger pillow are widely used by Chinese children. Tiger is taken as the king of the forest. He can protect children from dangers. It usually acts as a pillow or a toy near the pillow to guard the child.

Tiger Themed Gold and Silver Products on Boosting Sale
2010 is the Chinese year of the tiger. Tiger themed gold and silver products are enjoying a boost in sales as the Spring Festival approaches.For Chinese people, the tiger is a symbol of unstoppable power. As the year of the tiger approaches, sales of tiger themed gold and silver products are proving to be unstoppable themselves.

Tiger Shoes for Year of Tiger
"Tiger Shoes", traditional Chinese cloth shoes for children, in Taoshan Township in Hanshan County, east China’s Anhui Province.

Bronze Mirror with Dragon and Tiger Pattern
This bronze mirror has a spherical knob on a round base. Above the knob are a dragon and a tiger arranged face to face. Below the knob is an inscription with three characters "Huang Yang Zuo", a scene of a winged-human and a kylin.
Stories about Tiger MORE
The Legend of how Tiger Become a Chinese Zodiac
When the tiger arrived at the human world, the tiger learned the lion, bear and the horse are the strongest animals. So the tiger challenged them all and won. When the other evil beasts heard this, they all hide in a forest of where no one leaves and was never seen again.

White Tiger in Ancient China
The White Tiger is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It is sometimes called the White Tiger of the West (西方白虎, Xī Fāng Bái Hǔ), and is known as Byakko in Japan and Baekho in Korea. It represents the west and the autumn season.

Sayings about Tiger
"Vicious as a tigeress can be, she never eats her own cubs." --Chinese proverb

A Legend of Tiger-Head Shoes
Long, long time ago, in a village of the famous ancient city Yangzhou there once lived a boatman, Dayang (big sheep), a virtuous young man with a generous heart and was always willing to help others.

People Born in the Year of the Tiger
People born in the Year of the Tiger are generally well liked because of their charming personalities. Often, failing at a given task or being unproductive in his personal or professional life can cause a Tiger to experience a deep depression.

The Year of the Tiger
To the Chinese, it is the start of the Golden Tiger Year. The Tiger is the third sign in the cycle of Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 animal signs. It is a sign of courage.

New Year Customs

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