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Best of Peking Opera at Forbidden City
In cooperation with China National Peking Opera Company, the Forbidden City Concert Hall will present the most popular Peking Opera artists singing the best-known melodies on Feb 14, the first day of the Year of the Tiger. (2010-02-09)

Locals Enjoy Gan Opera in Jiangxi
County troupe present local Gan opera for villagers to enrich their daily life and mark the coming Chinese Lunar New Year, at Changzhou Township in Poyang County, east China's Jiangxi Province, Jan. 31, 2010. (2010-02-02)

Chinese New Year Concert
Chinese music is imbued with the history and charm of centuries of legend and mystery, and marked with the deep imprint of Chinese philosophy, which was characterized by concerto "Butterfly Lovers" and "Yellow River". (2010-01-29)

New Year's Greeting Peking Opera: Sprinkling Water in front of the Horse
Sprinkling Water in front of the Horse, a Peking Opera presented in studio theatres, was the first attempt of Peking Opera House of Beijing in inheriting and innovating Peking Opera in studio theatres. (2010-01-29)

New Year's Greeting Peking Opera: Divergence/Dragon and Phoenix
Divergence and Dragon and Phoenix are two Peking Opera highlights that have been frequently staged and elaborately polished over and over again by generations of artists of Peking Opera. (2010-01-29)

New Year Greetings Peking Opera: Prime Minister Hunchback Liu I
Prime Minister Hunchback Liu is a notable Peking Opera staged by the Peking Opera House of Beijing. With Lin Zhaohua as the director in chief, it is alternately directed by such Chinese renowned directors as Tian Qinxin, Li Liuyi and Wei Xiaoping every year. (2010-01-29)

New Year's Ode to Joy:Classic Opera Concert by China National Opera House
China National Opera House(CNOH), established in 1952, is a national theatre affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and one of the Asian opera theatres with the advantage of scale and credits. (2010-01-29)

The Beijing Television Spring Festival Global Gala
The Beijing Television Spring Festival Global Gala is a much-anticipated event to be held on the 2nd day of the Spring Festival period, February 15th, 2010. (2010-01-29)

New Year Customs

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