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Dazzling City Lights up the Night
A kid straddling on his father's shoulders admires the lanterns in this file photo.

Gorgeous lanterns and a glorious gala will light up the night on Sunday when the whole city of Hangzhou celebrates the Lantern Festival.

The whole city of Hangzhou will be ablaze with lights this coming Sunday night, the Lantern Festival marking the end of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.

The night will be illuminated by lantern fairs, folk performances and food festivals in almost every district for the citywide gala.

In Gongshu District, the ancient Grand Canal of China, completed in the Sui Dynasty (AD 581-618), will be decorated with thousands of red lanterns along the two banks for around 5 kilometers from Daguan Bridge to Qingfang Bridge.

A huge red lantern rises in the center of the Grand Canal Culture Plaza, while an open-air concert featuring traditional Chinese music will be held on the South China Theater stage on the southern side.

Along the ancient Qiaoxizhi Street, visitors can enjoy exhibitions of the city's intangible cultural heritage, an antiques bazaar, food fair and DIY lantern workshops.

In addition, the lighting project of the Xiangji Temple, which has a history of more than 1,000 years, will be officially unveiled to the public on the festival night.

In the Xihu District, strings of red lanterns will be hung high along Tianmushan and Huancheng roads, while lantern shows will get underway in the Zhuantang Community and on the eastern section of the Meiyuan Road S. Lion and dragon dancers will be performed.

Almost each community and neighborhood in the Xihu District will have a night gala featuring residents' talent shows and exhibitions of remarkable homemade lanterns.

Wenxin Community residents will display their lanterns in Xicheng Square, while many residents in the Xixi Neighborhood will hang lamps at their doors.

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