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"International Flavored" Temple Fair

Here again…temple fair, but this one tastes “international.”

If you are getting tired of the delicate cuisines on your dinner table, the 8th International Spring Carnival being held in the Chaoyang Park can patronize you something different: BBQ from Turkey, Takoyaki from Hokkaido, liquor from Czech Republic, Churros from Spain, and this roasted pork from Germany, a bit scary though.

Oh, don’t miss the traditional Chinese snacks there. Having a bowl of hot tea soup is a wise choice in such a freezing day. And “Bingtanghulu” is a must-have at any temple fair.

If you are not so much into the food part of a carnival like I am, there are other amusements that can delight you.

Ever won a trophy? Or you just enjoy the fun?

If you are going with a girl you like but don’t have the guts to confess your feelings, maybe you can sing it out loud at the Karaoke stage. See if she could feel your love.

Whether you think temple fair is a must or not, it’s all about having fun. So why not add some “international” flavor to the traditional celebrations? It's all up to you, TIGER!

Camera & Editor: Huang Lan

Special thanks to the Beijing Chaoyang Park

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