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Renaissance treasures make debut in Beijing

2014-08-08 16:38:42

( By Tian yufeng


One of the oil paintings in the exhibits list

More than 100 pieces of art created during the Italian Renaissance will be exhibited at The Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture on Aug 8. All the exhibits, including oil paintings, sculptures, porcelain and glass are rarities well preserved in Venice, the famous water city in Italy. Most exhibits are making their debut in China.

The exhibition, called Glorious Venice—from Renaissance to Golden Age will present the history of Venice from 1470-1885.

Beijing visitors will see that some exhibits have Chinese characteristics in their patterns and shapes. The Murano glass vase, for example, is 18cm high and 9cm wide, in a blue pattern with golden decoration, which reflects the cultural inclusiveness of Venice in the 18th century.

Among the 30 oil paintings, the most typical is the Venice Vista, part of the collection at the Museo Correr, which presents a bird's-eye view panorama of Venice in the mid-17th century.

All the priceless exhibits are a challenge for the security system of this newly-built museum. According to Huang Yigong, the museum’s deputy director, the museum is built with A-level technology precautions, and a periphery control is needed to protect the exhibits.

Admission to the exhibit is free. It will be in Beijing until Sep 21 and then go to Shenyang and Ningbo.

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Renaissance treasures make debut in Beijing


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