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China Cultural Volunteers

Updated: 2019-06-12 16:30:20

( CICA )


Launched in 2012, China Cultural Volunteers aims to meet the rising foreign demand for information about Chinese culture and to encourage global people-to-people exchange. It is mainly organized by CICA and the China Literature and Art Foundation.


According to the project design, the Chinese organizers select and send professional artists abroad according to the needs, goals, and areas open for volunteer support as identified by foreign organizations.

The artists, as cultural volunteers, teach Chinese calligraphy, fine art, theatrical performance, music, dance, acrobatics and folk art and other aspects of Chinese culture. They stay no longer than three months in these foreign countries.


Any foreign organizations, Chinese embassies and culture centers overseas can become involved in the project. The Chinese organizers cover program fees that typically include round-trip travel expenses, emergency medical insurance, international airline tickets and a stipend for incidental expenses, in addition to applying for visas for the participants. The host organizations are responsible for the volunteers’ work schedule, food and lodging in the host country, and ensuring their personal safety.



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