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Happy Chinese New Year - Chinese Culture Week in Cape Verde

Updated: 2016-07-22 17:09:00

( CICA )

In cooperation with the Cape Verde-China Friendship Association, CICA has held the "Happy Chinese New Year- Chinese Culture Week in Cape Verde" annually since the 2013 Spring Festival. The event utilizes local resources and cooperates with art groups of Cape Verde, overseas Chinese and Chinese enterprises in Cape Verde to organize a series of cultural and artistic activities such as gala parties, Chinese dance performances, forums, introductory meetings, exhibitions, meetings for Chinese food appreciation, carnival parades, film screenings and sports competitions. The president, prime minister, foreign minister and culture minister of Cape Verde all have been invited to the event, and local people and tourists are also widely involved each year. Cape Verde national media have given a great deal of attention to the event, and it has become an important platform for people in Cape Verde to understand Chinese culture.

CICA sends cultural volunteers to train local art troupes every year, and grants a small amount of financial support. The “Happy Chinese New Year - Chinese Culture Week in Cape Verde” is organized by the Cape Verde-China Friendship Association.



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