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China International Youth Arts Festival

Updated: 2016-07-22 16:59:54

( CICA )


The China International Youth Arts Festival offers a unique platform for young artists to demonstrate their energy, dreams and responsibilities. The festival contributes to the construction of a harmonious international community by bringing together young people while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding. Its mission is to accelerate cultural exchanges and the development of art among young people across the globe and showcase cultural diversity to promote world peace.

The festival, held every year since its launch in 2008, has a reputation for rich, high-quality content and carefully selected programs, attracting thousands of young artists from around the world. Performances staged during the festival display art from various genres and categories, giving audiences wonderful enjoyment.


The festival has a fixed operation team, mature outreach ability and practical experience, taking part in international youth cultural and artistic exchanges from Aug 12 to 31 each year. As of 2017, young artists from more than 40 countries have come to China to participate.



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