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Chinese art troupe takes Costa Rican stage

Updated: 2018-02-21 16:43:39

( CICA )

Tang Heng, Chinese Ambassador to Costa Rica, gives a speech at the “Charming Beijing and Tianjin” Chinese New Year gala on Feb 13, 2018.

“Charming Beijing and Tianjin”, a Chinese New Year gala co-organized by the China International Culture Association and relevant departments in Beijing and Tianjin, was on stage at the Chinatown Hall in San José, the capital of Costa Rica on Feb 13, 2018.

The gala was the start of a series activities operating under the project “Happy Chinese New Year - Charming Beijing Tianjin Hebei” by China International Culture Association.

A girls’ band performs at the “Charming Beijing and Tianjin” Chinese New Year gala on Feb 13, 2018.

A dance performance at the “Charming Beijing and Tianjin” – Chinese New Year gala.

Over 500 guests, including Chinese Ambassador to Costa Rica Tang Heng, members of the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly, local politicians and overseas Chinese were invited to watch the performance.

Artists of the troupe presented breathtaking performances for the guests. These included dances, songs, Kunqu Opera, magic and Guqin performance, winning continuous applause.

The event passed on longstanding Chinese culture to Costa Rican citizens, giving them an unforgettable experience of Chinese New Year.

A group photo of artists and representatives from China and Costa Rica.



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