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Kunqu Opera shines in Portugal

Updated: 2017-12-19 17:09:39

( CICA )

On the 60th anniversary of the Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre’s founding, China International Culture Association organized a Chinese Kunqu Opera delegation to visit Portugal at the invitation of the Oriental Museum in Portugal.

Led by the renowned Kunqu Opera artist Dong Fei, actor Wang Chen from the Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre and playwright Wang Yan, the delegation paid a visit to Portugal from Nov 29 to Dec 4, 2017. A number of events took place during the visit, including two Kunqu Opera performances, two lectures respectively themed on the Artistic Life of Mei Lanfang and Chinese Kunqu Opera, and a Chinese opera art workshop.

The Kunqu Opera Peony Pavilion made its debut Dec 1 at the theater of the Oriental Museum in Lisbon. Three performers beautifully presented this classic play which has been staged for hundreds of years, showcasing the cultural confidence of contemporary Chinese artists to European audiences. It was such a hit that performers had to make curtain calls three times among enthusiastic applause.

During the workshop on Dec 3, which attracted nearly 100 people to learn about the cultural connotations of Chinese opera, Wang Chen and Dong Fei also introduced character settings on the Chinese opera stage and demonstrated and taught postures and basic skills.



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