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Wahuang Palace, palace to enshrine Chinese Goddess 'Nyu Wa'

2014-06-26 17:01:33


Located in Fenghuang Hill in Shexian, North China's Hebei province, Wahuang Palace was built 1,400 years ago to celebrate a special goddess "Nyu Wa".

According to myth, Nyu Wa used the soil in the Yellow River to make clay figures of millions of humans, which came alive when she blew on them. Nyu Wa is also a protector and can relieve human suffering. The ancients commemorated Nyu Wa's love and kindness and showed their respect by constructing the palace on the spot where she refined the stones.

The complex sits on a hillside and blends perfectly with its surroundings. In the palace there are also inscriptions from classic Buddhist scriptures and good examples of Chinese calligraphy.[]

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Wahuang Palace, palace to enshrine Chinese Goddess 'Nyu Wa'


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