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Chinese artists from Flight MH370 and their art

2014-03-11 09:51:54



Audience visit an exhibition of works of 24 Chinese painters and calligraphers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 4, 2014. The exhibition is held here from March 4 to March 6. (Photo/Xinhua)

Passengers on board Flight MH370 included a group of 30 Chinese artists, family members and art employees who had attended a three-day painting and calligraphy exhibition where the artists' work was displayed.

Ma Yong'an, chairman of the Beijing-based China Calligraphy Artists Association, which co-organized the event in Kuala Lumpur, told China Daily that 13 people from the group of artists are members of the association. One of the members was the association's Vice-Chairman Meng Gaosheng, the group's leader.

The exhibition featured a lineup of artists from around China who demonstrated their proficiency in calligraphy, oil paintings and ink art.

Following are profiles of some of the artists on board Flight MH370.

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